Do you think money attracts money?

5 + 1 tricks and your rooms (& YOU) will become a money magnet.

You do not talk about money? But! In today's RaumTalk I will tell you 5 tricks and an effective exercise on how to turn your rooms into a money magnet.

Money and interior design belong together. When I come to my customers and ask what they want, it inevitably has to do with money. Many have just invested in a new home or office. Setting up costs a lot of money, depending on your ideas and wishes, and we then clarify what budget is available.

How do you get into the flow of money?

It's so exciting to see what rooms tell about the relationship to money. They are an indicator of your current flow of money and offer the opportunity to take the topic of money to another level with simple measures. The goal is to attract more money and less money to drain.

How do you feel about money Have you ever thought about it at all? I have no advice on how to win the lottery jackpot on the weekend. I want to support you that you Exposing and changing your negative beliefs about money to lead an abundant life.

This is how your home becomes a money magnet

You have to consciously make the decision to get into the flow of money. You can say it out loud: "I go into abundance - I become a money magnet". Your rooms support you in this - I have 5 tips for you here.

Entrance area

Make your entrance big and visible. Your entrance attracts everything - you know that from large companies and castle complexes. Mighty portals, large columns in entrance halls, high ceilings, elaborate decorations.
You will come home with a different, greater feeling when you give your house entrance this attention and have it beautifully designed.

You feel different You will think differently. This leads to different decisions and a more positive energy. You will act differently. Perhaps you know the law of attraction, the same reinforces - so it is with the subject of money.

Bring plants or a door wreath, a new doormat, anything that brings a smile to your face when you come home. Make sure that your entrance area becomes a money magnet and that money can come to you unhindered.


Plants in your rooms represent growth. Up-and-coming things or design elements (like my green stripes in the office) bring freshness to your room. Spring energy represents growth and it is also driving growth in finance.
There are special plants - the money tree - where the shapes of the leaves go back to money coins. Watch out for plants that grow tall, they will make your money life bloom too. And so your money magnet gets stronger too.


The colors gold and silver have stood for wealth for centuries. We are subconsciously programmed to associate these colors with the terms rich and noble.

In my office I use a noble drinking cup with a gold rim to drink water. It makes a huge difference whether I drink from it or from an old glass with cracks or stains. Bring something of these noble colors and value into your rooms.


Clutter is directly related to your money life - it is another important building block in turning your rooms into a money magnet. It's not about getting tidy overnight, it's more about stagnation.
If we don't keep things tidy, put our things away unprotected or clear out broken objects, our home stagnates. And if there is no movement our money life also stagnates. Start with a very small area - for example the bedroom and consciously create order.

Here you can read why it is so important to let go of old things. Only then can something new come into your life. Then you get into the flow and into positive energy. Again, the law of attraction applies again and the more you get into the flow, the more money will come to you. This movement will affect many areas of life.

Money issue

My next tip on how to make your home a money magnet: Bring the topic of money into your rooms. There used to be the advice to hang up three gold coins to attract wealth. They don't have to be real gold coins, have a look at a craft store.

It's about you Bringing things into your life that are valuable to you and stand for wealth, success and flow. That can also change, life is change. Maybe things that are valuable to you today will not be so in a year.
You can bring money into the rooms or symbols that make you feel big and rich personally. You become a money magnet. For me it was a Montblanc fountain pen that more than doubled my sales.

We often have such things hidden in our home and use old and broken things. As an example: In many families there are dishes for “special occasions” - there are usually not that many of them each year. And in everyday life what is battered and broken is used. “That's too good for household use”, people often say and then it is only brought out for anniversaries, special birthdays or Christmas. Use these wonderful, beautiful, valuable things as often as possible. It will affect your feelings and therefore your actions. Let them help you feel big, rich, and successful.

Use the law of attraction or 2 x 3 = free

Now I have one more exercise for you - really NOW - go through your rooms and look for three things that really annoy you. That make you feel poor or badly paid. These can be very small things, something broken or chipped in the kitchen or on your clothes. Dispose of it today!

After that, look for three things that really make you feel cash flow and rich. Or three wishes that you have not yet fulfilled (for lack of money). Get them out, bring them into your everyday life. Do this exercise once a week, then something wonderful can happen and your rooms magically attract money.

Soon you can also invest in bigger things that take your money life to a higher level!

How is it with you and your relationship with money? Please tell me in the comments if you have also achieved positive changes and tell me how you got from lack to abundance.

If you are already a member of my I ♥ MY HOME Community, you can access the in July Workshop happy: How do I turn my home into a money magnet? If you join our community later, you will find the step-by-step plan as a recording in the members area.

I hope you enjoy turning your home into a money magnet.

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