Magic shows are psychologically damaging for children

Coronavirus in SH

Status: 01/18/2021 9:21 a.m.

The corona pandemic calls for tough restrictions for everyone - but children and young people are particularly affected. How does that work?

The young people should rather forego a "party" - that's how Chancellor Angela Merkel put it to the young people. And in other ways too, young people have repeatedly been targeted as super spreaders in the past. Wrongly, as the TUI Foundation shows in a representative survey. Of the young people surveyed between 16 and 26 years of age, 83 percent adhere to the rules. But the study also shows that what worries young people most is that their social contacts are so limited. Many also state that the limited leisure time options are stressful. Followed by the ban on travel. "Partying" only appears in fourth place in the study.

When children and young people are only at home

Meeting friends - none of them. Parties - haven't existed for a long time. Go to the cinema - canceled. Travel, sports or whatever else you do as a teenager - everything is prohibited, too dangerous due to Corona. What is left for children and young people? The restrictions are not easy for everyone, especially for young people the circumcision of freedom is massive. After all, it is normal for young people to wish for a lavish high school graduation, would rather fall in love than study at a distance or worry about whether their training company will still exist tomorrow. But that is exactly the new normal right now.

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Quality of life declines - psychological problems increase

Children and adolescents are increasingly worried, they feel stressed, they pay less attention to their health, and there are also more frequent arguments at home - this is the result of the so-called COPSY study by the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf from 2020. This is especially true for the 11 to 17 year olds. More than 70 percent report emotional stress. Some are irritable, others have headaches and stomach aches, and it is not uncommon for them to have trouble falling asleep. The rule of thumb: the lower the level of education, the more cramped the living space, the greater the problems. Pediatricians sound the alarm because a lack of exercise makes many children and adolescents too fat.

Guests in the show

In our On the Issue program, presenter Sebastian Parzanny has a psychologist and professor Olaf Köller from the Leibnitz Institute of the University of Kiel, with Nicola Leuschner, Managing Director of the Child Protection Association Lübeck, and Tjark Weichler, a high school graduate from Neumünster, talked about how the Corona crisis affects children and young people.

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