What if you really love someone

When you love someone, you remain loyal to him or her

Jan 02, 2019 by apost team

If you are really in love with someone, you have no reason to hide anything from them and secretly text them.


You are not afraid to take your phone out and you do not need a PIN code. You don't have fake contact names and you don't scurry around to delete messages that you don't want them to see.



You don't sneak away in the middle of the night to answer calls that you shouldn't even take. You can pick up your phone and use it at any time. If you're really in love with someone, you don't have to download dating apps like Tinder. You don't need to hang out with anyone, even if you think you're only doing it to boost your confidence.

You don't even think about flirting with other people, even if you think flirting is harmless fun


Because you know it can lead to more dangerous love affairs. You have already found the right person and you have no plans to look for someone else now. When you're really in love with someone, you never pretend you're single and looking. You're not giving your number to someone who is interested in you. You don't pretend you want to meet someone else.

You are careful to be friendly but reserved during conversations, as you don't want anyone to interpret your kindness as flirting


When you're really in love with someone, you have the self-control it takes to be faithful. You don't get drunk and then blame alcohol for your scams. You don't do drugs and then flirt with others. You're not keeping your ex warm if things don't work out with your current partner. You don't want your relationship to end so you can move on to others. You won't even consider giving someone else a chance since you are already happy with your current relationship.

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When you're genuinely in love with someone, you're not going straight back to your ex just because of a little argument. You won't jump into bed with the first person to come by just because you didn't get what you wanted. You are not going to destroy such a wonderful relationship because of a bad argument. You stay and talk to your partner and sort things out instead of running away and hiding phone calls. When you're really in love with someone, you never want to hurt them by flirting with other people in front of them.

If you really love someone, you will always take that love seriously.


You don't flirt with others even when your partner isn't around. If they get upset because they catch you looking at someone else, talk to him or her about it. You don't just say they are crazy. You are considerate of their feelings and you would never want them to be hurt by your actions, whether on purpose or not.

When you're really in love with someone, cheating isn't even an option. This includes both emotional and physical cheating. You would never risk hurting the person you love just because of your sex drive. They mean too much to you and you will never risk their love. You also don't have any online affairs. They mean too much to you and you never want to lose them. You are kind to them and treat them with the respect they deserve. When you really love someone, you strive to be loyal all the time.

Take a look at what we mean by true loyalty:


  • You would never try to do or say anything that would embarrass your partner in public.

  • They know that they can trust you and that you will keep their secrets no matter what.

  • You will always show respect for all of your partner's weaknesses, and you will try to do everything in your power to help him or her overcome them.

  • You will always put their needs first. You come first in the relationship and before most others.

  • They know that you will never leave them. They believe that they can count on you to be there for them emotionally and physically.

  • You will always keep your word no matter what.

  • You will never speak ill of your partner to others. While you share some frustrations with family and friends, you never break them down or humiliate them.


If you really love someone, they are all you care about in the world. Do you have anything to add to this wonderful tribute? Let us know in the comments and please forward it to someone who may need to hear.