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Food Culture in Mexico: Which Meal at What Time?

As a Mexican, there are a number of ingredients that one misses when moving to the Northern Hemisphere. However, however, it's not just the food itself that I miss, but the way it is structured as well. In my experience, people in Germany have very precisely defined what meals they eat at what time of day - if you only wake up in the afternoon it is difficult to find somewhere for breakfast, and after 10 p.m. kebab or fast food is the only thing Food you can still get.

In Germany it is also very unusual to combine a bar and a restaurant. In Mexico, on the other hand, we have “Cantinas” or “Botaneros” and in Spain they call it “Tapas Bar”. In addition to a good selection of drinks, all of these restaurants offer food in both large and small portions so that you can eat a few “Antojitos” instead of a large dish, even if you are not hungry.

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of “Antojitos” is that, as with tacos, you can try many different dishes in smaller portions and simply order the ones you like best again. In Mexico, this gives people the ability to eat up to 5 times a day, and the great thing is that you can get “antojitos” almost any time of the day or night.

Mexican dishes: eat all day

1. “Desayuno” means breakfast and is usually a fairly quick dish with us, with which you usually eat cereals, fruits, dairy products or just coffee and sweet bread. Some people also eat tamal, a sandwich, or eggs and beans with bread or tortilla, although these dishes are actually more common for the next meal.

2. “Almuerzo”is a meal between breakfast and lunch that is slightly heavier than breakfast and is usually served between 10:00 and 12:00. Typical meals for the “Almuerzo” are for example “Tortas” (comparable to a sandwich or panini) or a corn product such as “Sopes”, “Memelas” or “Tlacoyos”, which are usually served with beans, meat, avocado and sauce .

3. Then we have lunch or "Comida”In Spanish, which is usually served between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm and includes soup, rice, beans, a main course and a dessert.

4. We also have a meal between lunch and dinner that "Merienda”Is a light snack, usually sweet bread or“ pan de dulce ”in Spanish (e.g. conchas or churros) and hot chocolate, milk or“ atole ”, a drink made from corn porridge.

5. Last but not least, there is dinner(Cena), although there is no special dish for this. A typical dinner in Mexico City would be tacos, the best known of which are “Bistec” (beef) and “Pastor” (marinated pork), which you can get in a taquería or at a street stall.

As you can see in Mexico there are a variety of places to eat all day. There are no hard and fast rules about what to eat at what time, although eggs and fruits are usually only used for breakfast in the morning.

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