What color are khaki pants

What goes with khaki: Which colors do you style best with khaki?

Not all khaki are the same! So that the question "What goes with khaki" can be clarified, we have to develop a feeling for what kind of color we have here and what can really go with it - also with regard to the trends of 2018.

Khaki: an earth tone

Strictly speaking, the word khaki already means sand-colored or earth-colored. The tone consists mostly of yellow and only a little black. However, there are both cool and warm khaki tones. That depends on whether blue or red components are mixed into the color. Accordingly, it also changes which other colors look best with the cool or warm khakiton.

Khaki as the trend color for 2018

In the summer of 2017, khaki was THE trend color par excellence - and in 2018 it will go one step further. Khaki is not only allowed to dominate on trousers and shirts, but also to dye shoes and leather jackets. The color is elegant and inconspicuous - and that's why it convinces in many combinations.

At the beginning of the year, the stylish fashion bloggers and influencers proved that khaki has become socially acceptable and showed themselves in leather jackets at Fashion Week Berlin. Because the question "What goes well with khaki" can be answered pretty well with: "almost everything"!

Even better: Thanks to its natural color, khaki is a color that anyone can wear - regardless of whether you are light or dark skin type. It doesn't matter whether you're back from your vacation as white as cheese or freshly tanned. Khaki looks great and highlights your best side.

Combine khaki with simple colors

As written, khaki is an inconspicuous, elegant and reserved color in itself. The more muted and darker the colors that you combine, the more noble it looks. In this way you can quickly create a strikingly minimalist look that only looks like an understatement at first glance. Dress yourselves very well for official occasions or in the office and is much more exciting than wearing a simple white shirt.

You can simply wear khaki with dark jeans, as blogger Raemon does in our photo series. White and black are also perfect to make the style elegant and foolproof.

Combine khaki with warm colors: Bordeaux, salmon and Co.

If you like it a little more exciting, you can combine khaki with strong colors! The important thing is: If you use red and orange tones, make sure you have a warm khakiton. For example, the khakiton shown above is very warm. It contains a high proportion of red and that is exactly why it goes so perfectly with shirts from the color spectrum.

For example, salmon color looks fantastic on well-tanned skin and khaki. Or at the other extreme and genteel pale. Dark red is more for everyone with brown hair and a yellowish / light tan skin tone.

Khaki to bright colors

Let's get a little braver! Khaki also goes well with bright colors. The slightly cooler version of khaki is often a good choice for this. Due to the slight blue tint, colors can be combined that are really clean and eye-catching. For example bright red, pink, mint and light blue.

The combination with light blue, by the way, is totally hip this summer - it forms an exciting contrast to the neutral khaki and is a combination that you would not have thought of immediately. The surprise effect attracts attention and looks great both in your free time and in the office.

By the way: Combined with pink, khaki has a tropical and summery effect. So if you want to put in a good mood on gray days, the combination is ideal. Also great on vacation with khaki swim shorts and a pink shirt or vice versa.