Why siblings hide things from each other

"Quick, hide!" The toddler's magpie phase has begun

With her four years of age, K3 is also such a hunter and gatherer. She likes to take advantage of the careless moments of all other family members to “borrow something”. Because the things of the rest of us “are so beautiful, papa”. We have known that children have magpie qualities since the very first offspring, but K3 has a system. It puts your siblings in the shade.

I discovered it during the lockdown. When the little daughter ran away from me and vehemently demanded that I wait a moment. I did that for her sake. But when I caught a glimpse, I saw that she was busily sliding something into her large fabric boxes. We had just recently put a small shelf with four cube-shaped textile boxes from a popular furniture wholesaler in her room.

Our parents' goal was to create more storage space for quick order.

So clear the floor and quickly stuff things into there. This approach quickly failed due to reality. On the other hand, in a late-evening inspection look, I found a number of things that had already been missed by others in the family.

Every time you want something back from the clutches of our magpie, you need a lot of diplomatic skill.

Because even taking it out when the little one is sleeping often only means that it ends up back there - with a real reprimand, of course.

In doing so, the child knows that things are not theirs. “But mom's necklace is so beautiful, dad.” Every now and then we manage to make it clear through diplomatic channels that the brother, sister or we parents like to have the things (with us) too. It gets tricky when you keep something from daycare there. A regular review of the objects for familiarity and an affiliation check is therefore mandatory.

In addition, her greatest treasure lies there between all the clutter: her brother's toothbrush.

Around these there is a large Bohai almost every evening. K2 actually turned around a long time ago and was using a different brush (the new one from K3, which you refused). The toddler recently realized that your brother now knows the hiding place. After running back and forth and away from each other, the little girl proudly announced: now she has the perfect solution. I was very curious about the secret. It was the cloth box in the compartment under the first storage box. I couldn't help but smile.

The big brother - a huge pot full of love

As well as the dishonest praise that the brother would certainly not find the brush there. Anyway, I'll keep her back free when she runs away from her big brother in the evening and exclaims: Dad, stop her and come - quick, hide!

Your Konsti