What is the most common Cuban family name

The most common surnames in Latin America

The US bank "Netcredit" (German: ancestors) has determined the most common surnames of all countries in the world for 2019. In Latin America, male surnames of Spanish origin still dominate.

In Uruguay, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Costa Rica, the family name Rodríguez is number one. The surname comes from the Middle Ages and means "son of Rodrigo", derived from the Germanic Hrod-riks ("rich in fame").

In Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, and Panama, the most common surname is Gonzáles. According to the third edition of the etymological dictionary of names by Gutierre Tibón, the surname means "property of Gonzalo", descendant of the Germanic Gundislav. In Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador, the surname "Hernández" landed at the top. Most people in Guatemala and Nicaragua are called "López". In Ecuador, however, "Garcia" is the most common family name.

But surnames of indigenous origin are also widely used in some Latin American countries: The most common surname in Peru is “Quispe”. It comes from the languages ​​of the Aymara people ("khespy") and means "transparent", like glass or crystal, and was Hispanized over time. An indigenous name is also on the rise in Bolivia: Mamani. It is an Andean surname of the Aymara people who existed before the arrival of the Spaniards. According to a report by the Efe news agency, a little more than one in ten Bolivians now has this family name.

In Guyuana, however, the most common name is not an indigenous, but an Indian one: Persaud. It has its origin in Sanskrit and means something like grace. Around 40 percent of the Guiana population are descendants of immigrants from India.

And what about the largest country in Latin America? In Brazil, the most common family name is Da Silva - like the former President "Lula" da Silva. The name has a Latin origin and is derived from the word "forest". The Portuguese brought him to Brazil.