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Children's birthday: ideas, decoration & motto

I love that Children's birthday with motto to organize for my boys and my girls. I really enjoy planning! That's why I take care of the decorations, the theme, the games and the food for the children's birthday party. Of course, the gift ideas should not be missing.

Ideas for children's birthdays with a motto:

The perfect children's birthday

If you add up the birthdays of my children, I have many years of experience in organizing children's birthdays. How you want to celebrate this is up to you. I wonder first what my kids would like. What is currently hot (e.g. a Pokemon party). There are also classics like a monster party.

Of course, you can also throw a birthday party without a motto. Ask your children: how do you want to spend the birthday? How should be decorated when celebrating a children's birthday party at home. I have plenty of ideas for this. Under Mottos I link to all children's birthdays that we have hosted so far.

It should be the perfect birthday. For the children this means: great gifts, the right friends, cool decorations and for the parents it means: prepare as much as possible so as not to be too stressed on the day of the celebration. Several weeks before the actual celebration, I start making the decorations - if I want to do them myself - and ordering the right accessories.

Here is a look at the cakes and decorations for the underwater birthday:

Children's birthday: which motto?

I asked the older children which motto they would like. So far, Pokemon and monsters have been there quite often. We will certainly also celebrate a fire brigade or construction site birthday. Who knows what my daughter wants? :)

My children's interests change over time, sometimes very quickly. While my sons were interested in cars, construction sites and Lego until they were 3 years old, they didn't really care what motto they used to celebrate. So I took the decision and surprised her. My little son knew z. B. not even what unicorns are. A good time to learn. ;)

Children from 4 years of age may want to help decide which colorful characters and mascots are on the birthday table. I discussed his wishes with my older son and we made our choices together. So far I could still refuse a football birthday. But how much longer? ;)

How to design the children's birthday?

My 7-year-old already had clear ideas about his party. There should be games, of course cakes and delicious food. I guess not all children at that age want to play guided games. His friends have already invited to parties on the bowling alley or in the diving hall.

To avoid tears, talk to older children about what is desirable. Maybe they'd rather build Lego together after the cake or muffins have been eaten?

How does the birthday child want to celebrate?

With small children (2 - 3 year olds) you don't have to plan sophisticated games either. The ability to concentrate is short; too much excitement tends to create stress. For the third birthday we thought of short games like “Bello, Bello, your bone is gone” and we did handicrafts together with the other parents and children.

I also think it's important that you can prepare everything in advance. For games you shouldn't have to set everything up first, you shouldn't read through any rules: everything should be ready when the guests are there. The food should be prepared the day before and the decorations can also be hung up in the evening. In this way, parents can also start the celebration more relaxed.

Gifts: what to give and how expensive can it be?

If my children are invited to a friend's children's birthday party from daycare or school, we usually buy a present at Value of 10-15 €. Some children share their birthday wishes, others put together a basket in a toy store from which they can choose a suitable present and others seem to have no wishes.

Then it becomes difficult: what do you give three-, four- or five-year-old children who you may not know because only your own children play with them in the day care center? It is usually easier with schoolchildren because the son or daughter has their own idea of ​​what they want to give.

I find handicraft materials nice when you don't have a specific idea. I really like things that can be used up and encourage creativity. When every guest child gives the umpteenth car or Lego set, it's no longer fun.

The top 5 gift ideas for children

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  1. Aquabeads - craft beads
  2. Craft kits: all-rounder boxes
  3. Pour plaster figures
  4. Fimo for children (modeling clay)
  5. Puzzle: Noah's Ark

With this basic equipment, I usually find something for the daycare friends of my children. The school friends usually have special requests. Up until now we always gave Lego as a present because it is currently the most popular toy among 6 - 9 year olds in my son's circle of friends.

If it is still in the budget, we usually add something small. For example, an eraser, a funny pencil sharpener, a special pen, sticker or a pack of trading cards for Pokemon, Ninjago, etc. That always depends on the birthday child.

When do you start celebrating children's birthdays with children?

Depending on the age of the children, you can consider inviting more or fewer children. We were already celebrating the little son's first birthday with the children's daycare friends. Children and their siblings and of course their parents were invited there.

Until the third birthday we celebrate with the children and their parents. If you don't know them yet, this is a good time to get to know them. Because you often meet later on in playgrounds. This can also create wonderful friendships between parents.

In addition, toddlers do not necessarily want to party without their parents. That also depends on the children. We already spent a child's birthday with another child, even though the parents were supposed to go home. Improvisation is everything!

When to celebrate a child's birthday without parents?

From the fourth birthday we write on the invitation that the children are invited and that the parents are welcome to join in the evening.

When we celebrated children's birthdays changed with each child. With the first son we started with the fourth, with the second child with the first birthday and invited other children and their parents. It always depends a little on the social network.

How many guests invite?

It is said that, in total, there can be as many children on a birthday as the age of the birthday child. For your third birthday you have a good quota with two guests.

How long in advance to invite?

We often send out the invitations two to three weeks before the celebration so that the parents can keep the date free. We also got invitations just a week in advance, which I think is too late. After all, we also want to find a suitable gift and maybe make something nice.

Children's birthday: which games?

The hit on every children's birthday party is this scavenger hunt, about which I have already written extensively. In our scavenger hunt, pieces of the puzzle must first be found before there is the final clue to the treasure.

In the treasure chest you can pack sweets or small rewards for the explorers. For a pirate birthday, these can be homemade (or purchased) telescopes, gold coins or eye patches.

Instead of puzzle pieces, the children's treasure hunt can also be designed with a quiz. Preschoolers and schoolchildren especially love to answer questions and show their knowledge!

At our Pokémon birthday, the children became successful trainers who had to master many great games:

Otherwise there are the classics such as beating the pot, bello, bello your bone is gone or chair dancing. You always have to see if the party guests want to play these games. Otherwise you can play alternative games such as stop dance or fire, water, storm or switch to free play. Some kids don't want to play party games at all and that's okay too!

A pinata always goes down well! We had a great dragon pinata for the knight & dragon birthday:

How many games should you plan?

It depends on! You can plan more games for older children than for toddlers who have not been busy with one thing for so long. So I was able to plan the 7th birthday perfectly - the kids loved it! - I left the 3rd birthday open.

If in doubt, you can always have a few more games in stock and then ask what the children are up to. Because the main thing is that they have fun. Things like hitting the pot do not have to be planned in advance, but can be spontaneously voted on who wants to play it.

What can you tinker with?

Handicrafts are also always very popular - with some children. If you don't want to play along, you can either play your way through my children's toys in the children's room or pick something out at the crafting table. In advance I always print out pictures - matching the children's birthday motto - and distribute them on the table.

With handicraft instructions you can make sure that the children get along well on their own. Helping six 7-year-olds with their handicrafts at the same time doesn't work so well. With small children it is better to leave the glue off - cleaning up after the party will make this easier ...

What to do when it rains

Whether the children's desire doesn't play along or it's raining: you always need alternative plans so that the party doesn't fall through. You could also factor in the rain and plan a fun walk through the rain - umbrellas or rainwear provided. The children are sure to find it funny and get some fresh air. That's not the worst idea when you have a bunch of birthday guests to deal with.

What food to prepare for the children?

So far, we have always prepared the classics for coffee: Muffins, cupcakes, cookies or birthday cakes. For some celebrations we also bought small frozen cakes that the children love so much. The same applies here: ask the children what they want. We always offer fruit or salty snacks with the sweet things. So there is something for everyone.

The cake We also fit the motto of the children's birthday party with us. You don't even have to buy a lot and expensive for it (but I like to do :)) - a little fondant (advertising link) and gel food coloring (advertising link) and you can conjure up a great cake. However, this takes a few hours. However, the baker's cake is a lot more expensive. Practice makes perfect and if you have fun, you will eventually be able to bake great fondant cakes.

After the cake are usually the Unwrapped presents. It is nice when the children sit in a circle and the birthday child is allowed to unpack one by one.

To the dinner we prepared different things:

  • Sandwiches with a decorative picker (advertising link)
  • Hot dogs (IKEA hot dog package)
  • French fries and sausages
  • homemade pizza
  • Pasta with sausages
  • with vegetable platters

What to take with you to kindergarten?

We always take a cake or muffin with us to daycare, as well as fruit that is easy to eat. For our last birthday we made a fruit hedgehog out of melon, grapes and blueberries.

Another nice thing is a cucumber crocodile that you can put on the birthday table and not only looks chic, but is also healthy.

Mottos & gifts


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