What's your worst cock blocking moment

28th - blue


When my alarm clock rang, I threw the pants I was holding in my hand on my bed and turned off the annoying beep. I hadn't slept all night, but was in a "good mood" according to the circumstances and not as overtired as one might have expected. I didn't want to know how Elliott would react, because after the action I had planned, he would probably find out about it today, after all, he knew pretty much everything that was going on at school. How reassuring, my big brother would find out his little sister was fucking strangers in clubs. That was - albeit very controversial - the worst part of the whole thing. If you have a few hours in which any halfway normal person would sleep, you have enough time to play through every possible scenario in your head. Ultimately, the only thing I wanted to do with it was that I was prepared for anything.

I took off my oversized t-shirt and tossed it with the rest of the clothes that also covered the floor of my room. Then I took the jeans off my bed and quickly slipped into them, I had to hurry so I could tell Lucia my plan. Before my best friend found it good, it was unusable anyway. My brother knocked on the door and shouted "bathroom is occupied" through the door. That was his name and Nora had decided to have fun in the shower, annoyed I rolled my eyes.

"This is a waste of water, Elliott!" I replied absently. Elliott ignored me, he clearly had more important things to do. I fished a bra off the floor at random and searched my closet for a top while closing it behind my back. I had never finished so quickly before. When I left my room and the shower was still running, I shook my head and went back to my room. I took a water bottle from my windowsill that still had some water in it and found my travel toothbrush in one of the pockets that hung behind my door. Then I opened my window and poured some water over the toothbrush before putting toothpaste on it and starting brushing my teeth. I eyed my school bag suspiciously in which the blue wig was currently still. That would be fun. When I got out of my confusion of thoughts and realized that I had been scrubbing my front teeth for six minutes, I spat the foam out the window, took a sip of water, and spat it right afterwards. At the same moment my cell phone rang. I put the toothbrush on the windowsill and looked at the display. Kaelin. Just as I was about to answer it, she hung up. I would call her back later, she had left yesterday when I was gone with Hunter and hadn't told me that she would not be there when I came back. My cousin hated goodbyes more than anything, so she always decided to just run away before it could get to you. I put my cell phone in my back pocket and grabbed my school supplies. The bag weighed tons when I tossed it over my shoulder and took a deep breath before leaving the room.


I took a deep breath. A. Out. A. Out. My hands were shaking a little.

"Do you really want to do that?" Lucia asked carefully. I ran my fingers over the blue wig on my lap again. When I was in kindergarten, my mother decided that I should learn to swim and asked my father to do the job. According to my dad, "learning by doing" was the only real thing and so I was just sent to our pool while my dad stood on the sidelines and watched me get a panic attack and only intervene when I was almost drowning. That's how I felt right now. Just that Lucia would help me before the drowning part.