What is an airport operations officer

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As a result of the amendment to the Waste Management Ordinance (AbfBeauftrV) in June 2017, the number of companies that have to appoint a company representative for waste has increased massively. The AbfBeauftrV stipulates, among other things, that the operators of plants requiring approval according to BImSchG, if certain threshold amounts of hazardous and non-hazardous waste are exceeded, as well as the operators of disposal plants, the owners of waste within the meaning of § 27 KrWG and the operators of take-back systems, should assign at least one waste officer have to order. Details on the appointment and tasks of the waste officer are regulated by the Recycling Management Act (KrWG) in Sections 59 and 60. In our course, which is officially recognized throughout Germany, you acquire the information in Section 9, Paragraph 1, No. 3 of the Waste Management Ordinance (AbfBeauftrV) in conjunction with Section 60, Paragraph 3 KrWG required technical knowledge that you need to carry out your work as a company representative for waste.

Together with our experts, you will work out the operational processes and responsibilities that are necessary for the implementation of the legal requirements in the waste sector in your company.

Main topics:
- Legal bases for waste management activities
- Environmental laws: KrWG, WHG, BImSchG, BBodSchG and others.
- Operational waste management
- Verification procedure (NachwV, AVV, BattG, AltölV etc.),
- Keeping of registers, prior and whereabouts control
- Transport, brokering of waste (Sections 53 and 54 KrWG, etc.)
- Notification and Permission Ordinance (AbfAEV)
- Brokers, dealers, collectors, carriers
- Waste management company (EfbV)
- Product responsibility according to KrWG
- Disposal systems and systems engineering
- Approval and plant operation (BImSchG, 4th BImSchV)
- Tasks, rights and obligations of the waste management officer
- Order
- Organizational position in the company
- liability risks
- Landfill construction, operation, closure and aftercare
- Environmental impacts and other dangers and nuisances that can arise from waste / landfills, and measures to prevent or eliminate them
- Exchange of experiences