Sweden is destroyed by immigration

Migration: Sweden as a role model? D rather not!

In July of last year it dawned on me for the first time that Mr. Kurz would probably become Federal Chancellor. I wasn't a big fan, admittedly, and I'll have a hard time becoming one. Nevertheless, every chancellor deserves the chance to sign my "good book".

You see, I am skeptical. But in November 2015 I defended Mr. Kurz. Specifically, it was in Gothenburg, where my family and I had moved two or three months earlier. Because of a job whose description, as with so much in Sweden, did not stand up to reality at all. In any case, on that gray November morning I was sitting in the Hebbe Lelle café, and two German students - who came over on the Kiel ferry for a long weekend - accused me of being xenophobic.

What did i say I had given the foreign minister at the time, who had previously been Anne Will's guest, support on one point. Kurz said what every thinking spirit had to know, but only a few non-right wing politicians dared to say: namely that an unlimited, uncontrolled wave of refugees was not a good idea. Merkel's "We can do it" was a good start, but there was and still is a lack of humane ideas and the will with which Europe could overcome this ongoing crisis.

Myth of the ideal country

In 2015, Sweden took in twice as many refugees per capita as Austria or Germany. Everyone knows this about Germany, nobody from Austria internationally. Why did Sweden do this? Because it's the best country? The most liberal, yes? Not even close.

Today Sweden is primarily a technocracy, where people are not important: If the neighbor doesn't like how you raise your children, they can be away for months; if you have a corrupt boss, the boss of the boss says: That's the way it is. If you are a 106-year-old (!) Afghan refugee woman, you will be deported. A negative decision is a negative decision. There is a separate ministry department that handles estates and is constantly growing, because more and more Swedes are dying alone: ​​The social fabric has been destroyed by the idiotic-naive laws of the last 20 years as part of an alleged "promotion of the individual".

How does that fit together with the extremely positive image of the country? For Swedes, the myth of the ideal country is more important than reality. It's different in Austria: the country is much better than its reputation. Exactly as the Federal President said: "Our beautiful Austria."

Unfortunately, the latter could now change. Whether "concentrated" mass accommodation for migrants (Kickl), the prohibition law as the only "red line" (Kurz) or "Tempo 140" (Hofer): the signals from this government so far have been devastating. Mass quarters? On your next visit to Gothenburg, go to the suburbs of Angered or Biskopsgården. The tram takes 30 minutes to get there, that's long in this area. A few stops before the terminus you will notice that there is no longer a Swedish-looking person sitting inside. In 2015, the police chief told Biskopsgården that the situation had gotten out of hand. Now, in January 2018, the Swedish military is supposed to help in these areas.

A crushing verdict

This is the background against which the far right Sweden Democrats are winning votes due to the failure of all moderate parties. Although the immigrants receive (expensive) government support, they are unhappy. They feel that they have no real chance in this society: not for three or four generations. Many want to leave again. I sat with them in what are known as language courses. As a language teacher and researcher, I can say that the courses were extremely bad, probably an employment program for the Swedes.

Isolation can be found on all levels: "Inte svensk" - "non-Swedish" is a devastating judgment that extends into the smallest areas. Parcel collection at the post office with an EU driving license? Nothing. No Swedish ID: get your passport! Very important areas are not spared: My children are placed in one of three new groups in kindergarten. Well. But why are our children called Ramazan, Rahaf, Lamar, Mohamed - all 16 recently immigrated, none of them can speak Swedish? In the two other groups it was exclusively Emils, Johannas, Felicias, Jonasse, Sophies. This is institutionalized racism: discrimination with state funds. It was all "coincidence", I was assured. So it has to stay that way. "Utrikes", foreign, is a damning verdict. After two years we went back to our Canadian paradise.

We should learn from all of this. Mass quarters - a crazy idea. The prohibition law as a limit? It's like defending on the goal line. Better to set up the back four in front of the 16. Tempo 140? More CO2, more accidents. Young and inexperienced? Dear Mr. Chancellor, show us that this assessment of this young government is wrong. (Stefan Dollinger, January 24, 2018)

Stefan Dollinger, born in Upper Austria, is Professor of English Linguistics at UBC Vancouver.