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ECLIPSE - old and legendary

A new WET album is already waiting to be released, but singer, guitarist and songwriter Erik Martensson is currently concentrating entirely on ECLIPSE and their new awesome album "Bleed & Scream". Those who have already fallen for this noble hard rock monument with light melodic metal flavors , should quickly secure issue # 95 of Sweden-Rocks-Magazin: The single contained there for the title song in the gatefold cardboard contains with ´Come Hell Or High Water´ and ´Into The Fire´ two tracks from the album sessions that are not otherwise available .

Enough of third-party advertising. Who did you invite into the studio for the sometimes very bombastic choirs on the album?

“The backing vocals are all mine. I've done this on so many albums now - including the last one from Primal Fear - that I can do it in my sleep. My style of arranging these is quite individual. It's cool on an album, but live it's a different situation and the songs work without it. Many bands cheat, but not ECLIPSE. «

Many of the solos on the album are inspired by classical music. Which artist influenced it the most: Wolf Hoffmann, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum or the blessed Randy Rhoads?

“Magnus is the lead guitarist for us and he was definitely massively inspired by all four. Mostly from John Norum, but John Sykes must not be forgotten in this context either. Since we both play the same instrument, we encourage each other to compose in a very guitar-oriented manner. As kids, we had a few hours of lessons, but we worked most of it ourselves. No guitar teacher encouraged us to play like maniacs! Rather the opposite... "

What do you think of experts who complain that every possible note sequence has already been played many times?

“I agree with you. But there are so many other aspects of music that make every musician and band unique. Otherwise we humans could have stopped composing centuries ago. Let only four musicians or singers interpret the same song - you get four often very different results. As a songwriter, I don't feel limited at all. Of course, there are days when a G chord sounds like the most boring thing in the world to you. You've heard it a million times before. Another day you hit the same chord and it's the coolest and most inspiring sound ever. It all depends on your current mood. "

There were rumors that Jeff Scott Soto would team up with Queen. Which band that changed your life would appeal to you?

“Yes, I heard the rumors too - directly from him. I know how much he admires this band and would have been happy for him. Now he sings for a Queen show in the USA, which is doing very well. I myself have never dreamed of joining a well-known band. If I were given the choice, it would be AC ​​/ DC, because they are simply the best band ever. But I would certainly not survive long, but would be assassinated by one of their fans for destroying all the classics. "

In the second edition of his "The Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hardrock And Heavy Metal", Janne Stark, known as a musician with Overdrive, described the very young ECLIPSE as extremely recommendable.

“Now that you mention it, I remember reading the entry when the book came out. Since then I've met Janne several times and I know he's a big fan. But I would say that our current work is more recommendable than our first steps. I wouldn't say I'm proud of the first two albums. I see them more as demos and was very young when they were created. You can see our talent, but we were still very immature as musicians and, above all, songwriters. Not to mention the production. For fans, however, they may still be a pleasure to listen to. No new recording or sound editing would help the songs either. The two albums are very rare and it should stay that way. "

Do you secretly regret that "Bleed & Scream" didn't come out in the 1980s?

"Absolutely not. Maybe it would have been more successful then, but on the other hand I still have the opportunity to play more contemporary music today. But I do what I love Good music comes from passion. I don't think this album could have been written and recorded 30 years ago. We have taken the music that our hearts cling to and transported it into the here and now. It's classic hard rock, but it doesn't sound antiquated. "

Are you interested in participating in the Rock-Meets-Classic format, working with a band and orchestra?

“That would be really cool, but it has never bothered me before. I'm good friends with Mat Sinner, who is very involved. Maybe I'll just get old and legendary first, then I could be useful for that. "

"Only ruins can be found on battleground ... all the glory days are gone, so much pain but nothing's won" is a strong pacifist statement, "Battlegrounds" is in the tradition of "Out In The Fields". At the same time, one could agree whose rhythm also go to war.

“True, that would be very ironic indeed. Apart from our keyboardist Johan Berlin, none of us were in the army. War is certainly fascinating, and that goes for me too. However, I have read and seen enough to understand that war is terrible, full of horror and pain for everyone involved. Uniforms in step are not good for anything and sooner or later lead to disaster. As the song says, the story is full of nations and kingdoms that have sacrificed everything for more power and land. And what is left of them? Nothing. Nevertheless it goes on and on. Old men reaching out for power and soil. Ridiculous."

Do you fear that these decades of inner peace in Europe could soon be over because of the economic crisis?

“The tendency towards more nationalism can be seen all over the continent. With the last elections, Sweden joined the long list of European countries with nationalists in government. Citizens are looking for simple answers to complex questions and these parties offer them exactly that. But that is just not realistic. The euro is becoming more and more unstable and could collapse. Who knows where this is going? Minor problems have changed the course of history massively. But I'm an optimist. "

How autobiographical is `S.O.S.`?

“Not at all, even if, of course, I've had desperate moments. When I write lyrics with my dear friend Miqael Persson, we always try to capture the feeling of the music. All of the melody lines in this piece expressed desperation, so I complied. "


Björn Thorsten Jaschinski