Why is HSE important

Health Safety Environment

Declaration of commitment for health, safety and the environment
(HSE - Health Safety Environment)

GIA has been an engineering partner and supplier for EMSR systems, process control technology and IT systems since 1989. In these fields of activity, GIA stands for flexible, tailor-made, optimized and innovative solutions at all levels of production and business processes. At GIA, the safety and health of people, the safety of business tasks and project planning, customer satisfaction and the concerns of their partners have the highest priority. The GIA philosophy regarding health, safety and environmental protection is based on the following principles:

Part 1:In all of our actions, economic concerns must not have priority over health, occupational safety and environmental protection. Nothing is so urgent or important that the HSE principles can be ignored at GIA. We integrate HSE into all of our activities and strive for continuous improvement. We set ourselves ambitious goals for this.
We are convinced: Everyone who works at GIA contributes to the implementation of this philosophy through considered and committed action.

Part 2:Wherever GIA conducts its business, it ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations, local laws and compliance with international conventions.

Part 3:When selecting its industrial and business partners, GIA is guided by the extent to which these partners are able to apply and implement their policies for safety, health, environmental protection and quality.

Part 4:Each individual employee is aware of his role and personal responsibility that he has in the context of his work to avoid the risk of accidents, health or environmental damage and to maintain the quality of products and services. Vigilance and professionalism in these areas are important evaluation factors for the work of every individual and especially the management.

Part 5:Quality and HSE aspects not only exist side by side, but also work together with regard to products, services and processes. Every measure is shaped by the awareness of this interaction. This also includes the evaluation of the influences on processes with regard to the environment, safety and quality.

Part 6:All managers of our company are directly and unreservedly responsible for the implementation of our health, safety and environmental policy in their respective area of ​​responsibility. In addition, we expect each of our employees to accept their personal responsibility for safe work and for compliance with the rules and prescribed working methods in the company. We expect the intended use of the necessary protective measures, participation in the necessary further training measures, as well as active participation in the maintenance and expansion of safe workplaces.

Part 7:For relevant processes in the context of a risk assessment, potential sources of danger are analyzed, documented and meaningful strategies and measures are derived from this in order to prevent damage to people, systems or the environment. They are equipped with the necessary protective equipment for themselves and for their workplace and instructed in its use.
Near misses and accidents are systematically analyzed and documented. Findings from this are incorporated into the relevant measures immediately and in the sense of continuous system improvement.