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Around 117,000 women were raped in Germany in 2015; every fifth from their own (ex) husband or (ex) boyfriend. Approximately 643,000 women have been victims of intimate partner violence (disguised as "domestic violence"). And 320 were killed; every second from their own husband or boyfriend. Where do the numbers come from? Quite simply: They are real cases (in the case of the dead) or complaints filed times twelve. Because, as the Federal Ministry of Women researched in a broad study: Only every twelfth victim of (sexual) violence files a complaint.

And we're not talking about refugees, migrants, or Islamism. This epidemic, structural male violence in our Christian democracy is homemade. She is the dark secret at the heart of the balance of power between the sexes. However, this private violence against women is sanctioned in Western democracies; but also here for not that long (the law against rape in marriage, for example, was only introduced in 1997). The woman or the world doesn't want what He wants. So He turns to violence. The offended man.

Here more and more heads of state. There are more and more women under the veil. That tears us apart.

But what is the difference between this violence between the sexes and what we experienced on New Year's Eve in Cologne - and have been at public events since then? Most recently in July at a culture festival in Bremen, where 24 complaints were made of sexual assault using the “circle of hell” method (a group of usually young men surrounds a woman and gropes her up to the point of rape).

What is the difference between our everyday violence and the public orgies of violence in the name of Allah, for example in Ochsenfurt, where the perpetrator struck his last victim in the face and shouted the words: "I'll get you ready, you bitch!"

The difference is the extensive legitimation of violence in the patriarchal countries of origin of the perpetrators, they know no women's movement and no equal rights. In their countries women have no rights and violence is a master’s right. This is aggravated by the fact that this traditional contempt for women is fueled by Islamist propaganda;

The secret private violence only applies to one individual - the demonstrative public violence is intended to frighten us all. This applies to Islamist-motivated assassins as well as to those who run amok. In both cases, the perpetrator is the narcissistically disturbed, the offended man.

But private and political violence can also mix. As in the case of the homosexual Omar Mateen. This son of a homophobic Afghan Taliban supporter murdered 49 people in Orlando in June in the gay disco where he visited himself. Out of (self) hatred. At the last moment he exaggerated the act by claiming that he was an ISIS soldier (for which there is little evidence to this day).

Or as in the case of the 21-year-old Ahmed in Reutlingen. The Syrian had first stabbed his girlfriend, who apparently wanted to leave him. A classic case of “private” intimate partner violence. But then he ran wildly with the knife and threateningly through the streets of the small Swabian town.

But Islam is not the cause of the wave of public violence, even if it is justified with it. Islamist propaganda is just the ideology of the hour that justifies this violence against women and “strangers”; implicitly, i.e. subliminally, or else explicitly, i.e. offensively.

It was implicit for the young men from Morocco or Algeria on New Year's Eve in Cologne. In recent years, their countries have turned from moderate religiosity to excessive Islamism. These hounded men only know saints and whores. The saint is locked up at home and veiled as much as possible - the whore moves in public space.

Why is the act of Ochsenfurt even more disturbing than the massacre in Paris?

The violence in Ansbach and Ochsenfurt was explicitly justified. Allah is just right for these humiliated men. Islamism offers them a context. Just like fascism, it is a haven of manliness mania and obedience to authority. In the name of the "father", the real and supposedly offended sons band together and swear vengeance.

For its leaders - from the Islamic State to ideologues in the West - Islamism is a power strategy; to their rank and file, it is the brew that makes them drunk. And haughty of strangers and women, those first "strangers" in the patriarchal hierarchy. Sure, Islamism, just like fascism, has complex reasons, but just like it, it is also a response to the empowerment of women. Here more and more heads of state - there more and more women under the veil. That has to tear our world apart.

The fact that the West has played its fair share in uprooting the people of the Middle East and North Africa doesn't make the problem any less. In fact, it was in the 1990s that America prepared the Taliban in Afghanistan for the fight against the Soviet Union. And the West started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and thereby also destabilized Syria; only to then, obviously incapable of learning, throw Libya into chaos as well. Without America there would be no Islamic State, even the interventionists themselves now admit that. For example, Obama recently admitted that the Iraq wars “were a mistake”. Sorry

But as if all of this weren't enough, we in the West are still turning a blind eye to the global campaign of conquest of politicized Islam that began in Khomeini's Iran in 1979. The economy continues to do business with Saudi Arabia, Iran & Co., the main financiers of terror. And politics and society have been ignoring or playing down the offensive of political Islam among us for decades.

Instead of supporting the enlightened and progressive Muslims, we conduct mendacious “dialogues” with backward-looking Muslim associations who believe in writing and their lobbyists (who are not infrequently converts). With this strategy we have abandoned the majority of non-radical Muslims in the last 20 years. They fell silent out of fear of the radicals - or they radicalized, as we saw at the Pro Erdoğan demonstration in Cologne and in the latest polls. Lately, believe it or not, 50 percent of people of Turkish origin in Germany declare that for them the “Islamic commandments” take precedence over the law (according to a recent Emnid survey).

So it is time. It is high time we finally learned to distinguish between Islam and Islamism, between belief and ideology. One is a religion that requires self-criticism and reform, but that is up to the Muslims. The other is a totalitarian, fascist ideology, the core of which is contempt for women and strangers as well as obedience to authority. And that doesn't just start with open terror, but has its roots in the belief in Scripture and in arrogance towards women and "unbelievers".

The problems didn't just begin with the refugees, but in the 1990s. Keyword: headscarf. Keyword: gender segregation in schools during swimming lessons. Keyword: Halal and Ramadan. But the one million people from war zones, many of them brutalized or traumatized, have dramatically exacerbated the problem.

We now know that some alleged refugees were obviously sent with the intention of carrying the war to Germany. It will be a vanishing minority. And it is wrong to hold the majority responsible for it. But we have to deal with this minority.

As if all of this weren't enough, we in the West are still turning a blind eye to this day

Men like Riaz Khan Ahmadzai, perhaps the most troubling terrorist of them all. The allegedly 17-year-old came to Germany a year ago and moved to a foster family two weeks before his ax attack. In this family's house, in his room, Riaz recorded the confessional video. A few hours after his act, it was broadcast by a broadcaster close to IS and quickly identified as authentic. The text, which the perpetrator declaimed with a knife in his hand, identifies the young man as a fully qualified Islamist. His confession has Old Testament force and is strategically to the point.

Riaz's video appeal names the new stage of the infamous IS strategy very clearly: "As you can see, I lived in your country," he says. “I made my plan in your homes and I will kill you in your homes and on the streets so that you will forget France. I will kill you with my knife and split your heads with my ax, God willing. "

It was initially said of the terrorist in Ochsenfurt that he had previously been "inconspicuous" and that he had apparently "turbo-radicalized" himself. Even with the Tunisian in Nice, there was talk of a "rapid radicalization" at the beginning. Within two weeks, the 31-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel should have mutated from being a bearded warrior of god, who consumed drugs, alcohol and men and women. It is now clear: Both had been preparing the attacks for at least a year; apparently closely led by strategists of the Islamic State until the last second before the deeds.

But why is the act in Ochsenfurt even more worrying than the massacres in Paris, Brussels or Nice? Because it came from our midst, crawled out of our own homes! And because the young Afghan was considered particularly friendly, nice and integrable for a year.

The double life had apparently been increasingly difficult for him himself. On April 24, 2016, he wrote on Facebook (where he had posted thousands of posts under a different identity): "Open hatred is better than cultivating hypocritical relationships." It was still three months before he dropped the mask. But at least: he let his host family live - and thus did not fulfill the order given in the confessional video (himself) in all its gruesome consistency.

Four days after the attack in Ochsenfurt, David S. in Munich was initially suspected of an Islamist background. But after a few hours it was clear: The gunman was a lone perpetrator and his role model was not the Islamic State, but so-called first-person shooters such as "Counterstrike"; like Tim Kretschmer, the gunman from Winnenden, and Anders Breivik in Oslo. David S. had also been preparing the act for at least a year. He too was an offended man.

With almost all perpetrators, whether they are godly warriors or people running amok, we always like to read first in the media that the perpetrators were "lonely" and "depressed" (This was also the case with the pilot Andreas Lubitz in 2015, who planned to include 149 people in the Death tore). Might be. But a lot of people are lonely. And many are prone to sadness. A condition that is undoubtedly exacerbated when you come from a (civil) war country, have left your family behind and as a victim and / or perpetrator have already suffered a lot of traumatic or even crimes.

But doesn't such an argument mean to disguise the real reasons by systematically pathologizing the perpetrators? We shouldn't deny the perpetrators the last bit of human dignity they have: freedom of responsibility!

They are always men. It is almost always younger men who are not part of a family. They are always uprooted and offended men. Experienced psychologists diagnose these men less with depression (which also makes them more passive) and more with a "narcissistic disorder". In the eyes of the world they are small, but they think they are big.

Turning such a narcissistic offense outward in aggression is also typically masculine. Narcissistically disturbed women usually turn their aggressions inward, against themselves.

There is now a lot of talk about armament: the police, the security measures. It is correct that major events must be particularly secured during these times. But it cannot be that alone.

We shouldn't deny the perpetrators responsibility, their last piece of human dignity

Prevention must also go far beyond the "early warning system" demanded by Chancellor Merkel. You must not start at the first signs, because it is usually too late. It has to start earlier. Both with the angry, domineering men from the patriarchal, Islamic (civil) war zones; as is the case with the minority of migrant sons born here who are radicalized.

What can we do? The Salafist agitation in the refugee camps and parallel societies must be strictly halted. The Muslim associations, which so far have played into the hands of the Islamists with their backward-looking, scriptural propaganda, must be obliged to actively contribute to education and integration.

Finally, the “lost souls” (Kamel Daoud) must have a real chance to integrate and be obliged to respect the rule of law and gender equality. Against the irredeemably "lost souls" to the fanatical warriors of God, however, action must be taken with all determination and with all means. Because the offended man can be dangerous. Life threatening.

Alice Schwarzer

The text first appeared in "Spiegel".

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