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Opt-in is a method of Permission Marketing and means that the sending of advertising or information in the form of e-mails may only take place with the express permission of the customer. The term opt-in comes from the English-speaking world and means "to choose", "to decide on something".

The Customer's permission must be obtained before sending advertising material, because consumers can protect themselves from unaddressed advertising in the mailbox.

E-mail marketing: opt-in is particularly tricky!

In the area of ​​the Marketing by email this is more difficult, as any contact data can often be used for registration; including incorrect data, data from organizations or data from other people.

Such erroneous entries led to problems again and again, and so an improved method was developed. The so-called Double opt-in is not yet mandatory, but due to the problems mentioned, it is more and more required by case law.

The fact that when logging over Double opt-in as mandatory fields only those necessary for receiving e-mails Recipient's data must be entered, makes the process safer for the end user.

What is double opt-in?

The double opt-in procedure is in two steps subdivided:

  1. First of all, the customer wears his Email addresse in a registration form and sends it off.
  2. Immediately afterwards, the customer receives a Confirmation email to the address given by him.
  3. In the confirmation email, the customer is now asked to click the Confirm link and thus to verify a second time that he would like to receive e-mails from the provider immediately.
  4. Only after this second step will the email address be entered into the Provider's address book accepted and confirmed.

These confirmation does not always have to be in the form of confirmation emails to the specified email address, but can also be made in writing by post, by telephone or by bank transfer.

However, if a customer does not respond within a few days, they may receive another Reminder mail and after a few more days, no more emails from the provider at all.

The Double opt-in procedure significantly reduces the risk that e-mail addresses are misused.

You can go through Double opt-in ensure that the e-mail address has really been entered by its owner. This procedure has meanwhile been implemented in Internet marketing enforced and is almost always used to determine addresses.

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