What is the worst kind of sadness

The worst sadness is that who knows no witnesses

Last update: March 30, 2017

Sadness adapts very well to our mind when we open it to it. If she finds a space that she can gradually take more and more for herself, she will feel comfortable and will settle there.

However, she feels most comfortable in the environment of loneliness. When we are lonely and nothing holds us back from expressing it and completely submitting to her.

"Be careful with sadness, it's a vice."

Gustave Flaubert

On the one hand, the state of sadness can make others worry about you, they will call you, they want to cheer you up, they want to do everything to make you feel good again. But with this unconscious attitude, they reinforce your situation, because you choose to be alone but know that you are protected.

You isolate yourself in a comfortable bubble of pain that the others want to fathom.

Sadness contributes to making us feel bad, but on the other hand it also leads to false rest, immobility and comfort in pain. We feel that we don't want to take on new risks.

Why is the sadness so persistent?

It is said that there is no worse addiction to a substance than when you don't need someone to ingest that substance.

When one does not want company, or certain social environments for relaxation and company. When being alone with this substance is enough for one to enjoy joy and enjoyment. Then there are no more rules and no more barriers to generalizing consumption and allowing it to be carried out at any point in the day.

It's the same with sadness like with this substance. If a person is lonely and does not want to have contact with anyone, he lives without any measure or obstacle. On the one hand, that's logical, because we don't want us to be seen depressed and sad either.

The consequence is that we slowly into a dynamic of isolation enter. If this lasts longer, it favors the development of depression, a pain that becomes a shadow.

How can we fight sadness?

So that we don't get into this depressed state, it is important that sadness no longer feels so good in our lives. We have to make it difficult for her:

  • First, get away from the drama and the people who make it.
  • Start by living your life in pleasant situations, with new people.
  • It is important that we are relaxed and for that it is important to recognize the friends who are not and who are not doing us any good at this moment.
  • Do more of the things you enjoy: Reading, music, sports, creative. None of this is wasted time considering what you will gain if your sadness doesn't become chronic.
  • Pour out your heart if necessary, without being ashamed of yourself. Go out and dare to be around people, even if you don't feel like it. The pleasure comes all by itself.
  • Do not close yourself to life. Analyze possible changes, even consider whether you can start from scratch without harming others.

Make it difficult for sadness!

Give space to sadness without it consuming you

It is inevitable that we will have sad moments in the course of our history. Allow yourself to cry, pour out your heart be aware that you can break down at any moment and need loneliness to live this.

But be sure that she won't leave you alone if you don't set any limits on her and do not try to escape from it. For this, the desires are not enough, it takes action to leave them behind.

So cry, cry without a witness if you like, but remember that this should always be a limited period of time. You shouldn't suppress these feelings, but neither should you build them a nest in your soul.

Sadness is very comfortable in a lonely soul, no one bothered it and it will not go away on its own unless you take care of it.