Why is mobile application development popular

App development

Mobile apps have become our constant companions. Whether it's just a quick check of the rail connection or paying for the last online order - 2, 3 safe clicks and the job is done.

We know exactly where to click, since consumer apps in particular are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

This philosophy has now also established itself in the corporate environment. The development of business applications should take place quickly and cost-effectively - however, the focus is always on benefits and user-friendliness, the mobile user experience. Developers always have to ask themselves: Who am I developing the app for? What does the app have to be able to do and what is its use? Does it make work easier and does it support future users in their processes?

"Everything has to start with the ultimate empathy for the end user. "

With this statement, Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP SE, underscores SAP's user-centered perspective. The innovative Fiori design concept can therefore be individually tailored to each employee through a role-based user experience, for example, and thus offers numerous business advantages.

SAP is thus delivering a leading design for business applications that enables users to deal with the new innovations without barriers. The users - they are not just the IT experts with technological expertise - they are above all the HR managers, the salespeople, the salespeople or the field workers.

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Symbiosis of concept, design and UX

So how do I create the most cost-effective and effective app development possible, in which the user and an intuitive user interface are in the foreground? App concepts, app design and mobile user experience must be taken into account and coordinated with one another in a holistic process of app development. A creative process that aims at a user-oriented design - that is exactly what the Design Thinking method expresses.

In Design Thinking, the app development is geared towards the user's way of working and thinking and provides for every single step, from defining the exact problem to finding a solution through to implementation. With Design Thinking, companies can find out how they can adopt the innovations as efficiently as possible and connect them to the systems that drive the core business.

Development process

The User Interface Development Toolkit SAPUI5 offers a simple method for developing user-friendly Fiori apps yourself. This includes numerous predefined graphic control elements for creating new interfaces. Users can use it to individually supplement standard Fiori apps and develop new applications.

Low-code platforms such as Neptune DX Platform, Simplifier or Mendix are also suitable for the uncomplicated development of user-friendly apps. These also offer users tools with which they can create an application without complex coding.

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