Can the dentist enamel the teeth again?

You never have to go to the dentist again! Anne Steinhaus tells us everything about this revolutionary remedy, which even enables extensive dental treatments at home.

Here I am again, your loyal friend and advisor Anne Steinhaus. White (and above all healthy) teeth are the dream of many people. But very few of us have naturally perfect teeth. It is therefore important to always take good care of your own teeth. Unfortunately, many of us neglect our dental care and do not brush it properly. Many people also simply avoid two visits to the dentist per year. Prophylaxis alone can avoid expensive dental treatments in the future.

Option 1: An appointment with the dentist

Sure, tooth decay, holes and plaque can be resolved with a visit to the dentist. The only downside is the high cost. Whitening the teeth alone can cost € 200. With the removal of dental plaque you are still well served with 70 €. Treating a single tooth alone costs € 35. But what if there are several teeth to be treated at the same time? Going to the dentist is not a cheap pastime. But are there alternatives?

Option 2: restoration of teeth with enamel, sealing, protection against caries, whitening at home

The best alternative to expensive dental work is a one-time innovation - a toothpaste called Denta Seal. In just a month, you can get rid of holes, seal damaged teeth, and remove yellow plaque. And all of this without an appointment at the dentist!

What are the advantages of Denta Seal toothpaste compared to other toothpastes (such as those in dental clinics)?

The innovative Denta Seal was developed by NASA specifically for astronauts. There are no dentists in space, but the teeth must be preserved and cared for in the best possible way. Today this unique toothpaste with a perfect seal is available to everyone. Denta Seal toothpaste is made from the same substance as our teeth - hydroxyapatite. So this paste is completely safe. During daily use and dental care, the teeth are sealed with liquid enamel.Denta Seal removes plaque and tartar and penetrates into the gaps in the teeth itself, so that the smallest cracks on the tooth surface are filled and remineralized (especially with caries). The teeth become noticeably whiter and smoother.

All teeth cleaners use chemical components in their composition. Even the most popular and seemingly safest products like Air Flow clean teeth with a chemical powder that damages tooth enamel. Sure, you get rid of plaque and your teeth become whiter, but at what price? Weak enamel increases the sensitivity of the teeth (especially with hot or cold food), plaque builds up faster and forms hard crusts!

Today there is a toothpaste with a sealing effect calledDenta Seal. This is the most practical and cheapest way to get rid of tooth decay and plaque while whitening your teeth. The efficiency and safety has been proven in clinical tests at various scientific institutes and laboratories.

How long does it take to keep teeth white and how often should you use Denta Seal?

The first results will be visible after the first week using -. The teeth become noticeably whiter and the yellow plaque disappears. After a month of using, cavities and holes are gone and the teeth are noticeably lighter. For healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening after meals.

An original toothpaste with a sealing effectDenta Seal can be ordered on the official website. This product has all the necessary certificates and has been checked for effectiveness. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeits in Germany that have nothing to do with the original product. So be careful! You can look forward to a beautiful smile and healthy teeth without leaving your home. Forget about expensive visits to the dentist! Take care of your teeth and save with Denta Seal Bares. Thanks to this toothpaste, you will smile more often and notice how GREAT LIFE IS!

Stay healthy and happy! Order Denta Seal on the official website

Eliane (Lübeck)

Can you please tell me if this is also good for children? My kids have tooth decay and I'm really fed up with having to go to the clinic all the time.

Lisa (Chemnitz)

Yes, Denta Seal is suitable for the whole family and can also be used by children. It protects against tooth decay well. My children also use this toothpaste and no longer have tooth decay. I smoke a lot and my teeth were often yellow. I haven't regretted buying Denta Seal. after only a month my teeth were white again. They also didn't become sensitive like other toothpastes!

Kathin (Nuremberg)

I trust Anne, but I have to ask anyway. Are you sure that enamel won't do any harm? I'm really a little scared.

Jana (Mannheim)

I can only recommend Denta Seal to everyone! I finally don't have to go to the dentist anymore! I have no more holes, no more tooth decay and no more plaque! My teeth are really smooth! I can smile all the time and everyone is praising me for my white teeth!