How much is 100 mg of THC

Cooking with cannabis: how to calculate the optimal amount

Cooking with cannabis has become all the rage since cannabis was legalized in some American states. Not everyone wants to smoke a joint or unpack the bong, but is looking for a smooth way to consume cannabis. But if you want to cook with weed, the question always arises: how much cannabis should you use? Too little and you've wasted the weed, too much and you get too high. We reveal how you can calculate the cannabis content and use it accordingly in your recipes.

The first challenge when you want to cook with cannabis in Germany is to find out what kind of weed you have. Those who do not grow themselves and buy “on the go” are usually faced with a problem. After all, you can't just go to a coffee shop and choose a variety there.

But let's say you have weed of an unknown kind. Most of the cannabis strains on the market contain around 10% THC. Good harvests are 15-20%, and if you have damn good weed, you can get cannabis levels of 21% and more.

If you know the strain, a Google search will help determine the amount of THC it usually contains, otherwise you can assume 10%. However, it's better to be a little more cautious the first time you cook it, until you know how strong the cannabis is in the food.

Each gram of grass has a dry weight of 1,000 mg. If your strain has a THC content of 10%, that would be 10% of 1,000 mg = 100 mg. So you can assume that one gram of weed when cooked contains 100 mg of THC.

Cannabis cooks recommend not to exceed a maximum of 5 mg per serving to start with.

An example calculation: You want to bake delicious cannabis cookies, and your recipe ends up with 60 cookies. You use 3 grams of ground weed (i.e. 3,000 mg dry weight / 10% = 300 mg THC).

300 mg TCH / 60 biscuits = 5 mg per biscuit, the optimal amount for beginners.

And you can apply this calculation to all your recipes, but of course in the end it depends on the actual effect. So you may have to experiment a little at the beginning to come up with the perfect dosage - but that's part of the fun of cannabis cooking!

By the way: THC in sweet dishes such as space cookies or brownies does not work as long and as strong as when it is used in fatty and protein-rich dishes. If you have overdone the dosage and feel “too stoned”, you can lower the THC level and “come down” by consuming orange or other fruit juice. If you're not high enough after two hours, you don't need another cookie, just some fatty food to give the cannabis a little boost.

Tips for cooking with cannabis

"Ganja Cooking" is a whole new world of smoking weed, because you can actively experiment and try out and get creative. That is why it is also important to adhere to a few small “rules”. Get your own cookware for cooking with cannabis (especially if there are children in the household) and keep them separate from the rest of the pots so you don't accidentally mix them up.

If cannabis is used in the kitchen, you can smell it too, especially in recipes with a lot of weed or when preparing cannabutter and canna oil. Therefore, good ventilation should always be ensured, be it through the extractor hood or by opening the window in the kitchen.

When trying out other cannabis users, it should always be kept in mind that the information given is based on the type of weed the chef was using. If you don't have the same variety, you may have to readjust the recipe a little.