Why do ghosts chase people

What to do if your home is haunted

Photo: Alexandra Gavillet.

The occasional horror story from the holiday camp is a classically good topic of conversation. However, if you cannot get rid of the feeling that it is haunted, that a ghost has come to stay - for example in your own four walls - then the relationship to the supernatural can take a completely different turn.

Fortunately, there are now enough ways to get rid of unwanted ghosts. However, before you devote yourself to mysterious rites just because the old wooden floor in the living room creaks, you should consider a few things. In conversations with experts in the supernatural, we were able to filter out a few basic steps that should be followed once you feel bothered by the inexplicable.

Step 1: rule out non-paranormal causes.

No matter how sure you are of the supernatural under your roof, make sure in advance that it is really not something else. There are quite a few things that can go wrong, from animal and disease infestation in the building fabric to notoriously terrible neighbors. It is always possible that someone in the house next door started taking drum lessons. And when it comes to mice, a phone call to the exterminator usually helps. In addition, there are said to have been numerous cases in which people have perceived symptoms caused by carbon monoxide emissions as a sign of spook. In this case, for example, it would be advisable to do one for the time being

Step 2: clean up the room.

Spiritualists place great value on regular home cleansing rites, whether or not there are suspicions of ghosts. The energetic level should be able to hold the cradle in this way. What does that mean? Definitely also actual cleaning and mucking out. Burning sage is a common first step because sage is said to be a kind of universal spiritual cleanser and to wipe out negative energies. The aim is to clearly communicate to the mind that it has been noticed without offending it. The burnt sage should mainly be distributed to the corners that border on the outside walls, because they are the transition between good and bad energy sources. If the spirits remain stubborn, you can sprinkle salt in the corners and the entrance area. In addition, certain crystals, talismans and consecrated water are said to help keep evil spirits away - actually, being in possession of them is enough.

Step 3: confront the mind.

If the mind does not go away despite all the cleansing rituals, you may want to approach the situation more directly. This may sound a little strange at first, but there's no getting around it. For the time being, prayers such as the serenity prayer, the daily repetition of a positive mantra or direct contact with the mind are available. Announce yourself when you enter the house and say it out loud when you notice the presence of the spiritual force. Of course, you can find great tips on Reddit, one of our favorite things about haunted removal is this one:

“With the power of my karma, the direct connection to the source, the love and all the selflessness of the world, I ask the universe to remove all the negative energies from my house. You are not welcome here, please go back to where you came from. "

This may sound like amateur witchcraft, but even those who do not believe in spirituality can benefit from saying belief in themselves out loud.

If that is too much for you, you can start quite informally: “Hey, I notice that you are there and that scares me a bit. I don't want to harm you, but I want you to stop ”- maybe that will have the same effect!

Step 4: take a clear stand.

You're dealing with a pretty powerful spirit if you've gotten to this step. There are plenty of more confrontational banishing spells you can perform, but we don't recommend those unless you're quite sure of what sort of ghost you have. That said, not doing anything isn't very helpful, either. If you don't feel confident performing your own banishing spell, you can seek out a psychic or medium who specializes in house clearings (a common term for cleansing unwanted spirits from a house). They'll be able to clean the home more thoroughly, hold a seance to contact the ghost directly, and even help it cross over from this plane into the next.

If you had to get to step 4, you are obviously dealing with a rather persistent mind. Then only the more serious traditional Wicca spells - or contact with a medium - can help. They can help you to make contact with any supernatural being, to deeply cleanse the energies in your house or apartment and to free yourself.

Even after all psychic powers have been eliminated, you should continue to perform regular cleansing rites to maintain energy balance.