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Professions without math

Overview of the apprenticeships

Social assistant

650 vacant apprenticeship positions

Social assistants look after, support and encourage people who need help. They mainly take care of the family, curative education and the care of children.

Event clerk

52 vacant training positions

Event salespeople plan and organize events according to customer agreement. To do this, they calculate the costs for catering and service, book rooms and instruct staff.

Dual training | School education

Tourism clerk

64 vacant training positions

Tourism salespeople are responsible for the travel planning of their customers. They organize, calculate and sell private and business trips to customers and advise them professionally on possible travel destinations, flights and hotels.

Dual training | School education

Media designer for picture and sound

43 vacant training positions

Media designers picture and sound develop, plan and produce picture and sound recordings for studio productions, outdoor filming, music videos, radio plays, commercials or live broadcasts.

Dual training | School education

Bachelor of Arts Social Work in Health Care

29 vacant training positions

The students of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work in Healthcare are responsible for advising and caring for people and families. They help them to integrate into society and give them professional assistance.

Bachelor of Arts Movement Education and Dance in Social Work

25 vacant training positions

Graduates of this bachelor's degree design and integrate movement-promoting and dance-pedagogical offers as pedagogical specialists in day care centers, after-school care centers, all-day schools or in open youth and family aid programs as well as in work with people with disabilities.

Salesman for tourism and leisure

24 vacant apprenticeships

Salespeople for tourism and leisure advise and inform their customers about trips, events and sights. They develop marketing strategies to make a tourist destination or region attractive for guests, they get offers by phone, write invoices and plan events.

Makeup artist

8 vacant training positions

As a make-up artist, you put make-up on actors in operas, operettas, musicals, ballet, theater and drama for the respective roles. You will also design and make wigs, hair pieces, masks and beards.

Textile and fashion tailors

10 vacant training positions

Fashion tailors make models for the series production of clothing items. You plan the production, create and optimize marker patterns, do sewing work and prepare the finished clothing items for dispatch.

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Always wanted to watch TV? That's a good thing, because math becomes a minor matter here. There are different jobs both in front of and behind the camera where you take on different creative tasks.

If you are interested in travel and have a real talent for organization, you should look around for careers in the tourism industry. It is your job to plan vacations or trips for other people while always keeping an overview.

In the social field, you can do many jobs in which you work with people, look after them, look after them or just keep company - mathematics is of course superfluous.

If you prefer to work with animals, you can have peace of mind. Jobs with animals usually get by without math. In your job, the subject of biology at school and of course your love of animals play a big role!

Are you a creative person? Then you will probably be impressed by how many professions there are in this area: from painting and handicrafts, to dancing and other creative movements, to creating various advertising messages, there are numerous creative training professions!


Of course, there are many other areas in which you can get by with little or no math. If you are interested in a job, but you are not sure which qualities you should bring with you and what your tasks would be, then take a look at our vocational lexicon and find out more about the apprenticeships!

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