How should Italian sausages be served


Not long ago was the "Salsiccia" (Pronunciation =salsitscha, with voiceless S at the beginning of the word and after the "l", plural: salsicce) almost unknown in this country. It is a sausage prepared differently from region to region, mostly made from minced pork, which is more or less spicy. It is reminiscent of our coarse bratwurst. In southern Italy it is often rolled up into a snail. Depending on the region, the Salsiccia made with different meats and seasoned with different spices. The one with wild fennel (“finocchietto”) is very well known. If you push them out of the skin, the sausage meat results in a tasty meat insert, which you can put together or instead of Minced meat (Minced meat) used in pasta sauces. It shouldn't be missing from a classic “ragù”! Also with the Salsiccia there are fine and coarse varieties.
The regional variants of the Salsiccia. Just to name a few (unless otherwise mentioned, they are made from pork meat):Abruzzo: liverSalsiccia with honeyCalabria: SalsicciaDOP(D.enominazione d ’Origine Protetta, protected designation of origin) with fennel seeds, black pepper and paprikaLazio: Salsiccia with coriander Monte San Biagio, Salsiccia from black pig the Monti Lepini Marche: wild boar salsicciaSardinia: Salsiccia off Siligo, smoked, with black pepper, Cloves and finocchietto (Wild fennel seeds)Sicily: Salsiccia ravanusana (sasizza), mixed from beef and porkTuscany: Salsiccia with potatoes, Salsiccia with beans,  Wild boar-Salsiccia, the latter also in the variant preserved in olive oil

The Salsiccia is becoming more and more popular in this country, but it is not available everywhere. The best thing to do is to try a local Italian delicatessen shop. In addition, there is also the option to buy them online from specialty retailers. But be careful: Salsiccia is a raw sausage and should therefore be prepared and eaten as soon as possible after purchase.
The simplest, but not therefore less tasty, method of preparation is the following:Salsiccia in the panRecipe for 4 people

500 grams of salsiccia
2 bay leaves
1 1/2 glass of white wine (dry)
Freshly ground black pepper

preparationBefore roasting the Salsiccia be pricked with a fork so that it does not burst and lose as much fat as possible during the roasting process and become nice and crispy. With this recipe, the Salsiccia be cut into small pieces before frying.The Salsiccia- Pieces with the bay leaves and the clove of garlic fried at low temperature. Every now and then the pieces are turned with a wooden fork. As soon as the Salsiccia is nice and crispy, pepper and pour in the wine.

As soon as the liquid has almost completely evaporated, the recipe is ready.

The following recipe is no less simple:Salsiccia al sugoThey fry them Salsiccia following the same procedure as in the recipe “Salsiccia in the pan“And at the end, instead of the wine, add a sugo di pomodoro and let it thicken briefly. It shouldn't cover the salsiccia completely to keep it crispy.
Risotto with salsiccia and stracchinoRecipe for 4 people

Risotto rice 320 gr
4 pieces of salsiccia (from pork)
150 g stracchino cheese
4 tbsp parmesan, grated
1 shallot, chopped
20 g butter
4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Some beef broth


Steam the shallot in oil and butter until translucent. The skinned and cut into small pieces Salsiccia Add. Let fry until the latter is nice and brown. Salsiccia Take out of the pot and keep warm.

Add the rice and "toast" for a while until it is translucent. Only then add a few ladles of hot beef broth so that the rice is completely covered. Let it stew a little. Now the Salsiccia to be added again. Add some more broth. Let it thicken slowly on a low flame.

When the rice has got the right consistency ("Al dente"), Take the saucepan off the stove. The parmesan and the Stracchino add and mix vigorously. Let cool a few minutes before the Risotto is served.