Are all whites originally from Europe


The concept of races originally stems from natural science, which tried in the 19th century to scientifically substantiate the prevailing cliché in Europe of a superior white race.

The origin of racism goes back to the colonization of Africa and South America. The enslavement of millions of Africans for the exploitation of the raw materials of the conquered territories solidified the feeling of the moral and civilizational superiority of the "white race" among the European powers. The idea of ​​hereditary superiority culminated not least in the cruel extermination policy of the National Socialists.

Even if racism has now been scientifically refuted, it is still anchored in many people's minds. Discrimination based on origin and skin color is unfortunately still part of everyday life for many people today.

"With open cards" (French: Le dessous des cartes) is a geopolitical magazine of the TV station ARTE.

Since its inception (1990), the program has relied on the use of maps to explain international relations, the inclusion of historical backgrounds and the analysis of long-term trends.

Designed and presented by Jean-Christophe Victor, the maps and analyzes come from the research institute LEPAC (Laboratoire d'études politiques et cartographiques).

additional Information

  • Camera: Olivier Cahn

  • Editor: Nicolas Menet

  • Screenplay: Catherine Bijon

  • Speaker: Karl-Heinz Grimm

  • Music: Etienne Charry

  • Sound: Francois Pécoste

  • Others: Le Lépac, Francesca Fattori (research), Frédéric Lernoud (implementation), Pierre-Jean Canak (graphics), Christian Stonner (translation)

  • Production: 01.2012

  • Playing time: 00:13:40

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