What is a nursing assistant

What can and may a nursing assistant do?


The decisive factor in deciding who will take on care is primarily the amount of help required. A helper who takes care of simple household chores does not fall under the term care assistant. All the tasks that the nursing assistant takes on have to do with the actual care of a sick person or person in need. First and foremost, these are nursing work such as washing, showering or bathing people to be cared for, or getting dressed. If necessary, help with eating and using the toilet, or changing templates and other aids in hygiene.

Nursing assistants monitor the intake of medication that has been prescribed by a doctor. This includes injecting subcutaneous medication. Intravascular injections may only be given by those who can demonstrate appropriate medical training. The other tasks of the care assistant include cleaning and disinfecting all aids that the person in need of care uses.

All of this work relates to the technical content and should not arouse any aversion to the job of nursing assistant in applicants. In addition, understanding affection also plays a decisive role in stabilizing and motivating people in need on the psychological level. Anyone who works as a nursing assistant should be patient and friendly with people as a matter of course, as well as enjoy communication and an honest interest in human fate. Nursing assistants have to build up a very intimate relationship of trust with the person being cared for, so that, for example, daily movement exercises can be performed with a lot of self-motivation. This is all the easier, the more naturally and confidently a nursing assistant responds to the wishes of people in need and approaches them in a respectful but friendly manner.

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