Which seafood goes best with steak?

Beverage recommendation: which red wine to go with fish and meat?

A juicy steak on one plate, a hearty game ragout on the other. And a strong red wine to go with it!
But which red wine goes well with fish? We take a look at the (wine) menus and give tips on which red wine dishes with fish and meat go well with.

Which red wine goes well with fish?

The general recommendation is: white wine goes well with fish. And it is also true that fine fish protein does not harmonize with the strong tannins of a red wine. The iron content in red wine even gives it a particularly fishy aftertaste. But as always, there are exceptions to the rule: which red wine goes well with fish depends on the method of preparation.

If you grill or roast sea fish whole or as a steak, a light, fruity red wine is ideal as an accompaniment. We even claim that once you've discovered how good red wine can be with fish, you'll never want a glass of white wine with tuna steak and grilled salmon again. A red that is not too strong also goes well with grilled prawns. The roasted aromas and subtle tannins form a delicious combination.

The following red wines from our online shop are ideal companions for fish and seafood:

Important: Do not choose red wines with too many tannins. Tannin-rich wines such as Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz can spoil the enjoyment. And pay attention to the serving temperature: If you enjoy a red wine at a cooler 12 to 13 degrees, the bitter tannins are hidden.

It is worth trying new combinations and changing traditional recipes. Why not try fish in red wine butter sauce or eel braised in red wine with bacon and plums. Or, as usual in Bordeaux, serve a red wine with oysters - it's worth it!

Which red wine goes with game and goose?

While Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon aren't the right accompaniment to fish, they make a delicious pairing with roast beef. Our wine recommendation for eating with meat: A Shiraz tastes good with a goulash, a roast with a strong sauce goes well with a fruity Pinot Noir.

Pork and beef are available all year round, and fresh game and goose are on offer in winter. Together with a great red wine, it is a unique pleasure. Since game tastes very intense, strong red wines are in demand. Also serve a Pinot Noir with a saddle of venison.

A Tempranillo goes very well with a game ragout, a Pinotage goes well with roast wild boar. A hearty venison steak goes well with a velvety Bordeaux or Pinot Noir.

And which red wine goes well with goose? The dark, fatty meat of a goose is best shown off with a rich, strong, dry red wine. The acidity of a Pinot Noir complements the roast goose just as well as a Chianti, the Italian red wine par excellence.

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