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The best tweets about Donald Trump

Donald Trump stages himself not only in the election campaign as the first and only honest president who always stands by his word. In fact, while he has redeemed a number of election promises, some of them only partially. The bottom line is that he is above all a president who divided the country. An anti-politician who has made headlines all over the world week after week with false statements and factual distortions since he took office.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the US presidency will be decided on for the next four years. 92 million Americans have already voted. In the polls, the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, comes out on top. But as we learned from the previous election, this does not necessarily mean victory. Whether Trump will remain president or not, we will not know until Wednesday morning at the earliest. Even then, the result may still not be final. We went on a search and shorten the waiting time for you with the best Twitter pearls about Donald Trump.


#Trump has protected himself from protests in a bunker in the White House.
As Germans, we can say from experience: From this point on, things usually go downhill.

- ZDF heute-show (@heuteshow) June 2, 2020


Secret meeting of Donald Trump (left in the picture) and Boris Johnson (right in the picture). pic.twitter.com/hFeDntVMY6

- Pearl Jam (@perlenmarmelade) May 19, 2018


Melania Trump calls for more decency in the social networks in a public speech.

I think she could have clarified that with him first of all.

- Problem owl (@wortwicht) August 21, 2018


Has Trump proposed arming trees in California so they can return fire?

- Hauck & Bauer (@hauckundbauer) November 18, 2018


The SZ analyzes the tweet from Trump, this infographic is epic. pic.twitter.com/DmqZBYHx4Y

- alf frommer (@alf_frommer) January 12, 2019


Gollum reads a tweet from #Trump. Epic.pic.twitter.com/lzvvY8qOCY

- Rob Vegas (@robvegas) February 19, 2020


According to the Washington Post, US President Donald Trump has made 18,000 (!) Misleading or false claims in 1,170 days - an average of more than 15 per day. Or as they say at BILD: You have the job!

- Coffee Cup (@kaffeecup) April 14, 2020


Phone. My mother: “You're on Twitter. Can you see Trump there? "
Me: “Uh. Yes?!"
Mother: "Write to him that he is an idiot!"

Um. OK.

- Pfefferine (@Pfefferine) May 29, 2020


Meanwhile, I think Trump could eat a newborn baby live in front of the cameras without being kicked out of office.

- erzaehlmirnix (@erzaehlmirnix) June 1, 2020


Just learned in the Tagesschau that it was a "disrespectful" remark Biden to call Trump a liar.

And I stupid thought that was an undeniable factual assertion.

- Jonas Schaible (@beimwort) September 30, 2020


Because he still has breathing problems: Trump has to temporarily wear a special mask #Trumphttps: //t.co/CHgkV1VLJP

- The Postillon (@The_Postillon) October 6, 2020


I would also like to see a political genius like Donald Trump in Germany. What could one move here:

- Closure of employment offices: no more unemployed

- Abolition of tax offices: no more tax evasion

- Climate measurement setting: No more Co2 problem

- Marie von den Benken (@Regendelfin) June 24, 2020


Every day I wonder why no one pushes Trump aside and says, "Shut up, I'll do this now."

- No Saints (@No Saints) April 2, 2020


Doesn't Trump have a mother who says "SACHMA, HATE EVERYONE?" says to him?

- double life (@highfrequent) April 24, 2020


Donald Trump wants to build highways and thus create millions of jobs. Do you already know which art academy rejected him?

- Not Chevy Chase (@DrWaumiau) November 18, 2016


#Trump is right! People who are injected with disinfectant into their veins are unlikely to die of corona.

- extra3 (@ extra3) April 24, 2020


Of all the beautiful parallel universes, of all things, we had to get the one with Donald Trump and Helene Fischer.

- DerLehnsherr (Captain Snakemotte) (@derLehnsherr) June 2, 2017


When Donald Trump takes a polygraph test, power goes out across the country.

- Grantscherm (@Grantscheam) September 27, 2018

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