Masturbation makes men age faster

Loss of libido (frigidity)

The problem with treating loss of libido begins with diagnosis. To this day, scientists are still divided as to how sexual aversion should be recorded at all. There are different approaches to treating the loss of libido - depending on the cause.

Drugs against loss of libido

Restoring sexual pleasure through a pill, syringe, or suppository sounds tempting. The pharmaceutical industry has also been researching appropriate drugs to counteract libido loss for many years. However, there is currently no sufficient scientific knowledge about effectiveness and side effects.

Loss of libido: therapy with herbal remedies

Pleasure-increasing properties are attributed to various plants. For example, the Chinese medicinal plant Schisandra has been an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. Chili is said to stimulate sexual desire, ginger to promote blood circulation and thereby ensure more pleasure during sex. In addition, some try homeopathy if there is a loss of libido. During the menopause, for example, globules should complement conventional medical treatment and be able to alleviate the hormonal changes.

Relaxation methods and exercise drive away the stress

If stress is causing you to lose libido, relaxation techniques may help. Examples are autogenic training or Jacobson's progressive muscle relaxation. "Gentle" types of exercise such as yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi or Qigong are also good against stress. When you are more relaxed, the desire often comes back.

Loss of libido: help from the doctor

If you suffer from a loss of libido and relaxation techniques are as unsuccessful as herbal remedies, it is best to see your doctor. For example, a general practitioner can find out whether the medication you are taking is causing the sexual aversion to you. He can also determine whether a hormonal imbalance is to blame for the loss of libiod and bring the hormones back into balance. A gynecologist may be able to clarify the cause of pain during sex. He also offers help if you are going through menopause and are suffering from loss of libido.