How Much Does Pilates Personal Training Cost

Personal training costs : How much does a personal trainer cost?

Once upon a time ... the time when celebrity stars were privileged to train with a personal trainer. That was long ago. Today it is no longer a luxury. It's an investment that pays off for anyone who's worth it - and knows it's worth it. Even if it costs a little more than a monthly fee in the gym. Here's what you will learn in this article:

Quality has its price. In every branch. Personal training is no exception. Personal support on the way to a fit and healthy body is an added value that clearly distinguishes tailor-made personal training from an anonymous subscription and independent exercises in the gym. If you want to consistently leave your own comfort zone, it is easier to fight your own weaker self with personal help at your side than on your own. And that has its price.

What does a personal trainer cost?

On average, high-quality, personal training support from a personal trainer in Germany costs around one to two euros per minute - with variations up and down. Depending on the methods and equipment with which the personal trainer works and what experience and training he has.

Distribution of costs in euros per hour

Why is gym membership cheaper?

The often very cheap gym offers have a clear difference to the somewhat more expensive personal training: Personal training 1: 1 or in a group is not about ticking off your equipment course, but about holistic and targeted training that is checked with regular performance checks how things are currently and what comes next in the personally coordinated training plan.

Because only in exceptional cases or for a very limited timethe customer receives personal support from a professional personal trainer in a fitness studio. Often, roughly coordinated universal training plans are given to the customer - regardless of the detailed starting position, the further development during the training, the personal circumstances.

However, the 1: 1 training with a personal trainer looks completely different. This always correlates with the customer's status quo, which can sometimes change from one day to the next. Every personal trainer pays attention to this by constantly correcting, controlling the intensity of the exercises, motivating and optimizing.

Are Personal Trainers Really A Better Investment Than Gyms?

Definitely. One showed that the higher investment is worthwhile studyon behalf of She looked at how often members trained in 32 different gyms - from low-cost to very expensive. The result: almost a third visit the studio less than once a month. With an average cost of 41.51 euros per month for the studio subscription, a lot of money wasted. And a convincing argument to invest in a personal trainer who is guaranteed to make you sweat like an expert.

How is the price of a personal trainer defined?

As a self-employed fitness coach, you have to reckon with a whole range of monthly costs and investments. Even the technical training to become a qualified, certified personal trainer (something that we attach great importance to here at!) costs a considerable amount.

A self-employed personal trainer has to pay 100 percent of his own health insurance every month. He needs a car for customer trips. In addition, there is the equipment, clothing, various insurances, the investment in regular further training as well as other business costs for advertising, pension, taxes, etc.

Does group training cost less than 1: 1 personal training?

Yes. Normally yes. In the group is it cheaper. In addition, most personal trainers who also offer personal group training take very good care that the groups do not become too large in order not to lose sight of the personal aspect. However, the following still applies: 1: 1 training is simply the most effective. And therefore the best investment.

How often should you train with a personal trainer?

It depends on the personal goal from. Some want to lose a few pounds, others finally a six-pack, others again achieve even better results in a sport they are already good at.

Once the goal has been defined, the personal trainer coordinates the training with the customer and develops an individually tailored training plan. After all, he can judge like no other how long or difficult the way to the goal will be - and how the customer can get there as quickly and effectively as possible.

How much do you have to expect monthly costs for personal training?

This also depends on several factors: how often you train, where you live, what offers the personal trainer has, etc. What you should definitely not do without when calculating: to realize that this is basically the most important Is life's investment. Because sport and exercise prolong it. Proven.

Are there volume discounts on personal training prices?

And the good news for everyone who still has doubts despite the clear advantages of this investment: Not all, but many personal trainers also offer training packages or bundles with cheaper hourly rates in addition to individual lessons. So if you got a taste for a few individual lessons and feel how good the personal support is, such offers have the chance to get the same service cheaper in the long term. Whether or not a personal trainer offers such discounts is up to his own decision. With a click on the current price list on our trainer website, you will immediately receive a non-binding email with the hourly rates plus any discounts.

Reimbursement of costs for personal training by health insurance companies?

Health insurance companies are smart. And invest in a targeted manner. That is why many of them offer grants for various so-called "health courses". Up to 80 percent of the costs are covered by individual health insurers. However, with various limits such as a maximum of 2 courses per year or a maximum of 100 euros. With most health insurance companies you can quickly and without obligation ask by telephone whether and how much they will reimburse for the training.

Is there a control body for the pricing of personal trainers?

The current average cost of one to two euros per minute corresponds roughly to the recommendation of the Federal Association of Personal Training (BDPT), founded in 1999, which has been asking for a minimum price of 75 euros per hour begins. BDPT author Jürgen Pagel quotes, among others, the English social reformer John Ruskin (1819-1900): “It is unwise to pay too much. But it is even worse if you pay too little. If you pay too much, you lose some money, that's all. If, on the other hand, they pay too little, they sometimes lose everything because the thing they bought cannot do the job it was supposed to do. "

In other words, you should be very careful with low-cost offers. Under certain circumstances, you buy yourself a completely inefficient training. In the worst case, it can even endanger your health.

Are there regional price differences for personal training in Germany?

The price for a personal trainer varies from area to area within Germany. In a big city like Hamburg and Berlin you pay more than in the country. However, this does not mean any difference in quality. The bigger the city, the higher the cost of living. Also for the personal trainer. He has to take this into account when calculating his prices in order to secure his own livelihood.
If you want to look around which personal trainers are offering their services in your city, you can get an overview here with just one click.

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