Why is IKEA considered a non-profit?

The tax authorities have revoked the campaign organization Campact's status as a non-profit organization. The Berlin tax office for corporations had notified the association in writing of a corresponding decision after reviewing the years 2015 to 2017, Campact informed on Monday.

The move was expected after the Federal Fiscal Court (BFH) revoked the non-profit status of the globalization-critical Attac network in February. Campact was mainly active in general politics and carried out campaigns on topics that could not be assigned to any charitable purpose of the tax code, the tax office therefore justified its decision. "The campaigns are not about political education either. The focus was not on information about political processes, but rather on influencing them," said the tax assessment for 2016.

Donors can no longer deduct their donations for tax purposes

"After Attac it is now Campact's turn and loses its non-profit status. What a fatal sign: In times when hundreds of thousands of people are fighting with Campact for climate protection and against right-wing rights on the street, their commitment is being devalued and degraded as non-profit" , criticized Campact board member Felix Kolb.

With the decision, donors can no longer deduct their donations to Campact for tax purposes. According to Kolb, the association, which is based in Berlin and Verden, has to pay around 300,000 euros in gift tax for the past few years. However, he is optimistic that the donors will remain loyal to the organization. As a precaution, Campact has not issued any donation receipts since the Attac ruling. The Berlin Senate Department for Finance did not want to confirm or comment on the step with reference to tax secrecy.

At the end of February, the top finance judges had revoked the non-profit status of the Attac sponsoring association in a landmark judgment. They argued that the association crossed the line with its activities to "general political activity" by launching its own campaigns to influence political decision-making and public opinion. The sponsoring association is therefore not entitled to the benefits from the tax office that are granted to non-profit associations.

Campact does not want to appeal against the decision for the time being

Even then it was expected that the decision could have serious consequences for other organizations in the spectrum of political opinion-forming. Campact does not want to sue the decision of the tax office for the time being, like Olga Perov from the press office of the association SZ said. Because of the landmark ruling by the Federal Fiscal Court on Attac, there is little prospect of a different decision. Rather, it is hoped that "a political process will get underway", at the end of which the rules for non-profit status would be changed.

Demands from the Union to withdraw the non-profit status of Deutsche Umwelthilfe as well, however, have so far been in vain. Apparently, the responsible authorities consider the criteria of non-profit status to be met.