What causes rebound relationships to fail

4 Tips For A Successful Rebound Relationship + 5 Ex Back Tips

When a relationship has failed, many men and women enter into new relationships too quickly. The question often arises whether this relationship really has a chance.

Is it a cure for lovesickness or a new attempt to find the love of life? You have to imagine your ex in someone else's arms. The thought of losing your ex forever can be heartbreaking.

You want to give everything to get your ex back. After all, you still love him.

What do you need to do to get your ex out of a rebound relationship? And would a rebound relationship be something for you too? This article gives you answers to these questions.

Also, in this article you will learn:

  • What exactly a rebound relationship is (and what a rebound can mean for you).
  • 4 characteristics that can help you identify a rebound relationship.
  • What to do best when your ex is in a rebound relationship.
  • 3 tips to get your ex back when you're in a rebound relationship yourself.

What is a rebound relationship?

The term rebound relationship refers to a relationship that is established in order to forget a previous relationship. You enter into such a relationship for two reasons.

First, because you think it's a good medicine ’to help you forget about your ex. Second, because you want to make the ex jealous and show that you have a pretty high market value yourself.

These are not sincere reasons to start a relationship with someone, but often it is not 100% clear whether the relationship is a rebound or a real relationship.

If you talk a lot about your ex to your new partner, he or she will realize that the relationship is a rebound.

What is the chance you will get your ex back?

Test yourself and find out what percentage chance you have of getting the ex back.

How do you recognize a rebound relationship?

It may be that you entered a rebound relationship unconsciously. If any of the following apply to your current relationship, it is very likely that you are just looking for comfort in that relationship.

There is nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but you need to make sure that your current partner doesn't have false expectations of the relationship. Maybe it is better to end the current relationship again if it has no future anyway.

Can a Rebound Relationship Work?

Entering a relationship for the wrong reason has little chance of success. In principle, it is possible for you to grow together, but the chances are greater that the relationship will fail again within a few weeks.

Before starting a relationship, the first thing you need to do is forget about your ex. Otherwise, you will be comparing the current partner to your ex. The new partner can only lose in this comparison if your thoughts are still with your ex.

You need to realize that the new person you are having a (rebound) relationship with is a very different person than your ex. She is unique in her own way and cannot replace your ex.

Don't have expectations of your partner that he or she cannot meet. Don't let stuck patterns from the past ruin a relationship that has good potential.

Why could a rebound relationship be something for you too?

For yourself, a rebound relationship can't be all bad. It's a great way to get distracted and get confirmation that the opposite sex is interested in you. It's good for your confidence.

Often the main reason for a rebound relationship is to show your ex that you are no longer in the market and that you are moving on with your life. This is especially important if you entered the rebound relationship soon after you and your ex broke up.

Break away from any expectations and just see how your new relationship develops. You can always meet up with your ex at a later date.

How long does a rebound relationship last?

In most cases, the duration of a rebound relationship can vary from a few weeks to a few years. It's entirely up to the people who lead the relationship.

Are these rebound relationships doomed from the start? Certainly not. No relationship has a guaranteed expiration date, no matter how good or bad it may appear to the outside world.

A rebound relationship can sometimes break quickly because one of the two abuses the other for his goal of making his ex-partner jealous.

For some, this tactic works when it comes to getting the ex back, but it can extremely hurt the rebound partner. So be careful with that.

Tips to look out for in a rebound relationship:

Tip # 1: Make sure he or she is your type

If you're in a relationship with someone who isn't actually your type, it can indicate an unhealthy rebound relationship.

But this property doesn't say everything. There are many good marriages between partners who actually prefer a different type.

But of course there is less chance of staying with someone with whom you have absolutely nothing in common. Lust doesn't make up for all other mistakes.

Tip # 2: Try to put your thoughts aside

If you still put a lot of thought into your ex, it will be all the more difficult to start a new relationship.

Do you long for your ex or do you think about her a lot because the wounds are still fresh?

Have fun with your rebound partner, create beautiful new memories together. That makes the moments you shared with your ex fade away.

Tip # 3: Don't be in constant contact with your ex

By contacting me, I don't necessarily mean calling your ex. No, I mean that you should stop sending subliminal signals to your ex.

Do you only post photos on Facebook because you think it's important that your ex knows about your relationship? Then that's an unhealthy attitude.

It shouldn't make a difference whether your ex knows about it or not. You clearly haven't forgotten your ex yet.

Tip # 4: Don't rush into anything

You have to be able to see a future with your current partner. Is not that the case? Then you can assume that it is a rebound relationship.

On the other hand, you may also be afraid to commit yourself again. In the case of attachment anxiety, it can be a normal, sincere relationship.

Any relationship we enter should, in principle, bring us happiness and contentment. This is no different in a rebound relationship.

Are you still sad because of your old relationship? Then make it easy for you with your new partner. Don't say things that you can't live up to in the moment.

Give your ex a rebound relationship too

After a romantic relationship has ended, it's hard to tell when the ex has a new relationship. Know that your ex can have a rebound partner too.

It doesn't mean he or she has completely forgotten about you. Still want the chance to get your ex back? Then give him the space he needs.

Do your best and don't stress about it. In this relationship, he or she will likely find out what's missing in the new relationship, namely you!

Trying to get your ex back from your rebound relationship

It's not entirely sincere and honest, but it's easier to get back in touch with your ex from a rebound relationship.

Now it's more believable that you would like to be friends with your ex. Therefore, your ex will feel less pressured when you get back in touch.

3 tips on how to get your ex back from a rebound relationship

A rebound relationship has a better chance of winning your ex back. But how exactly do you do that?

How can you bring your ex back together without being too pushy and without it seeming weird?

Before you can really start a relationship with your ex again, you must first end your current relationship and say goodbye to your rebound partner. A rebound relationship isn't a fair option to get your ex back, but sometimes that's your only chance.

Tip # 1: Keep in touch with your ex during the rebound relationship

Prepare your current (rebound) partner so that you can stay friends with your ex. To get your ex back, it's important to always take small steps. First you have to try to make the friendship so intense that you can no longer really get along without each other. At first, limit yourself to short conversations at “random” meetings. These meetings are not that random, because you make sure that these meetings take place. Show that he is still important to you in a friendly way. Make your ex comfortable with you again. You know your ex well so you know how to do this. Make sure it's not too noticeable.

Tip # 2: Slowly expand the friendship into a relationship

After the meeting, it's important to continue to be in close contact with your ex. This works mainly via messages on Facebook and WhatsApp. If your ex is okay with this, there are ways to start thinking about a relationship again.

If the mission is about to fail, you can increase the chances by putting the contact on the back burner. Stop sending messages if you don't get any more replies. Leave him or her alone and wait until contact is desired again.

Tip # 3: Let your ex know that you're still into her

Once you feel that the feelings may be mutual, you can express your true feelings. Show that you would much rather return to her. From then on, things can go quickly. You are not strangers to each other. You can pick up the relationship where it left off.

Make sure you spend a lot of time talking about the future and why you broke up. You have to deal with old allegations before you can think further.

Also pay attention to the feelings of your rebound partner. This should not be additionally injured. Try to end this relationship respectfully.

What to do if your ex is in a rebound relationship

Of course, your ex could also be in a rebound relationship. The question is how do you get your ex back when he or she is in a rebound relationship?

You want to do whatever you can to get your ex back. After all, you're still very much in love with him. It can feel terrible to see your ex in someone else's arms. The idea that you've lost your ex forever can be heartbreaking.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can try before you give up hope. Just because your ex has someone new doesn't mean you can't get them back.

It's important to remember that with a new person, the tingling sensation often subsides. In fact, the chances of getting your ex back are even higher if he or she is in a rebound relationship. When you break up, you immediately feel a certain emptiness that needs to be filled.

Think of a rebound relationship like a rental car. You loved your old familiar car, but unfortunately you had an accident with it. To stay mobile, you've got yourself a rental car, but it's not really the car that suits you. The color of the car is terrible, or it's a brand that you aren't into.

But that doesn't matter in the end. Why? Because the purpose of a rental car is to drive you from A to B while your own car is being repaired in the workshop.

It's the same with a rebound relationship. There are relationship problems that need to be resolved with your ex.

While a new rebound relationship may seem great, it's often a temporary solution to fill a void. That doesn't mean you just have to wait for your ex to come back. That's not how it works. You need to learn how to win your ex back when he falls in love again. Read on to find out exactly how to do it.

Tip # 1: work on yourself

I know it could be painful, but just take a look at the qualities of your ex's new partner for fun. What is your ex looking for in this relationship, what is she missing in you?

I don't mean that you have to turn into that person. It is not necessary at all. Why not? Because your ex first fell in love with who you once were.

Apparently, things happened that made your ex distance themselves from you. If you think carefully and be honest with yourself, you will know why your relationship broke up.

Perhaps you felt too comfortable in your old relationship that you stopped trying and didn't give the ex the attention it deserved. This can also be a big reason your ex is in a rebound relationship.

Maybe your ex was desperate for attention, something she missed so much from you. However, once this starts to get less, your ex will start missing you. Therefore, don't make silly mistakes that could prevent you from getting your ex back.

Tip # 2: Develop self-control

If you're reading this, chances are your ex broke up with you. You wish you could get back together, but he turned you down.

In that case, your ex now has all the power. You probably feel the need to call or text your ex, but I advise you not to. It doesn't really get you anywhere.

It just shows how needy and desperate you are. By breaking off contact with your ex, you immediately regain control of the situation. After a while, your ex will wonder why you stopped contacting him. The longer you can maintain this radio silence, the more your ex will start thinking about you.

Often times, your ex is still struggling with your breakup. It's just that your affection-seeking actions make your ex feel like they're in control of your relationship.

Acting desperate can make your ex feel like he can get you back anytime. That you want your ex back so badly gives your ex a huge ego boost. And that just makes it easier for your ex to deal with the breakup.

If you take that ego boost from your ex, it instantly turns into a draw instead of a 1-0 for him. Because if you stop contacting your ex, there is a good chance that sooner or later he will contact you. And when he does, be relaxed and reserved. That will shut down his ego. Your ex will only long for you even more.

I'm not exactly a fan of power games with the ex when you're back with him ... But right now you're not in a relationship and you want to do everything you can to win your ex back forever. The more self-control you have, the more attractive you will become to your ex.

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