What does it mean to grow up

8 good reasons why growing up isn't so stupid

As a child, you can't wait to grow up. Growing up means: earning your own money, choosing your own holiday destinations and finally driving a car. The life of adults has a very special charm. Quite different when you get older! Suddenly it is extremely important to feel young and wild. Just not too grown up, sober and adjusted. And just don't become like your own parents. Better to do everything differently. Better. More relaxed. Looser.

To all big children and young professionals: It's not that stupid to grow up at some point! No matter what the others say and no matter how boring and stuffy you seem with it. Because that also means growing up: Deciding for yourself who you are and how you want to live your life. So here's a plea for growing up!


Reason 1: Because we learned from mistakes.

Growing up has mostly made mistakes along the way, regretted them and learned from them. Everyone has had experiences that have shaped and shaped them - and that have made them the person they are.

Reason 2: Because we take responsibility.

Growing up also means taking responsibility. Yes, that sounds stuffy. But it is good to know that your own actions have consequences. This is the only way to make conscious decisions.

Reason 3: Because we are there for our parents.

Growing up takes on a different role within the family. From the child we look after, we become a support for our parents - just as they were for us. Only now do you realize how much you can and would like to give back.

Reason 4: Because we don't just revolve around ourselves.

Growing up also means no longer just revolving around yourself. We see life with different eyes, we are able to compromise and ready to care for others and to stand by their side. For a partner whom you love deeply and deeply. Or for your own child. Or for any other loved one.

Reason 5: Because we've learned to say "no".

We are no longer dependent on what others think of us. We noticed that offending can hurt but is worth the pain. "No" is part of our vocabulary, because we no longer have to contort ourselves!

Reason 6: Because we accept ourselves.

We know our mistakes and accept them too. It's not always easy, but it is extremely good when it finally works.

Reason 7: Because we know we are strong.

We have achieved great things and can be confident that we are up to life. We are strong. And that's an incredibly good feeling.

Reason 8: Because we have our own opinion, which can be different.

What others think is not always right. We have our own opinion. One that we stand behind and that we also stand for.

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With this in mind: Have courage as you grow up! It is worth it!