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Netflix: Change Country & Watch All Content Worldwide 2021

Netflix is ​​available in almost every country in the world. But the streaming offer differs from region to region. With a trick, however, you can change the country on Netflix and watch all the content you want worldwide. We have the short version for you:

Change country on Netflix

In the Netflix-Settings in the menu you can do that country Not rearrange. But this is how it works:

  1. When you this Change Netflix country because you like the streaming offer there better, you need a VPN.
  2. With the VPN you choose the server location where you want to go Change Country want. Netflix then automatically registers in which one based on the IP address of the VPN country you are staying.
  3. Start Netflix and watch the available video content of each Country.

Yes, you can bypass geoblocking. You'll need to download and install the correct VPN, choose a US server location, and then go to Netflix. You can now see the US content in the media library.

You can change the language in the profile settings in the browser. Log in to Netflix, click on the profile at the top right, select the menu item “Your Account” and find the language settings in the “Your Profile” section. There you can change the language. Simply tick the box next to “German” and then confirm the changes by clicking Save.

Yes, you can use Netflix abroad. With the portability regulation, the EU has lifted geoblocking so that you can even access the German media library content. So you can stream your favorite films and series - within the EU. You need a VPN for this worldwide.

How to bypass geoblocking no matter where you are. For example, with Netflix USA, you can activate the world's largest media library while sitting on the couch at home in Germany. The other way around, you can watch Netflix abroad with the films and series you are used to from home.

Switching Netflix to America: Step-by-Step

If that was too fast for you, here's the detailed version: We'll show you an example with ExpressVPN, how you can access all streaming offers worldwide. The provider is our performance winner and shines with a particularly high bandwidth.

  1. Download ExpressVPN: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  2. To install
  3. Create an account and choose a subscription model
  4. Choose a server in the USA
  5. Click the On button in the middle and wait for the connection to the server
  6. Sign in to Netflix

Tip: With a VPN you can not only hack Netflix, it also works to watch other streaming services such as DAZN abroad or the ZDF livestream media library abroad. If you're not convinced yet, feel free to try ExpressVPN's 30-day money-back guarantee first.

You can then switch the language back to German in the Netflix settings. Then it remains with the menu guidance.

Netflix not working: what's wrong?

Have you ever tried accessing your home Netflix content in another country? Or tried to access a foreign Netflix media library? Most likely, the connection to Netflix was not possible.

First to the basics: Did the streaming service show you the error -1016? Then it is probably due to a network error. The following tips can help you fix it:

  • Disconnect the WiFi connection and reconnect (alternatively, flight mode on / off)
  • Restart the device
  • Select another internet connection (e.g. hotspot)
  • Briefly pull the power plug from the router

But Netflix has a few more problems. We cover the most common in our articles and show you how to solve them:

  • M7111-1331-2206
  • F7111-1331-2206
  • M7111-1331-5059

Netflix VPN bug? Change region and off you go

If you are already using a high-profile provider like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, you might be surprised if Netflix still denies you access and is not available. This can be for one of the following reasons:

The Netflix VPN block tries to prevent geoblocking by registering recurring or duplicating IP addresses. It can happen that you have chosen an intermediate server location for your virtual private network that is currently heavily frequented by many users.

If the VPN does not have enough different IP addresses in its pool, the users have to share them - Netflix notices this, draws conclusions about the VPN use prohibited in the terms and conditions and blocks you. You can tell by the error code: M7111-5059.

What helps against the Netflix VPN block? Just try a different server and change the region (in the same country). Then log in to Netflix again and check if it works.

A note about your server location: The further away the server connected by the VPN is from you, the slower your internet connection will be, as your web request has to travel a long detour. For example, if you want to switch Netflix to the USA, it can make a significant difference whether you choose a server in Florida or California.

Is the? Change the Netflix country for free via VPN

Yes and no. You can try your luck with a free VPN like Windscribe. However, you always have to expect severe restrictions with free providers. After all, the software has to make money somehow. And you should always keep that in mind. Let's take a look at the potential problems when a VPN is free:

  • Reduce your surfing speed: Sometimes this makes streaming on Netflix impossible. At least you have to expect long loading times
  • Limited data volume: For example, you can only run 2 gigabytes per month over the VPN. That equates to about two hours of watching Netflix - in standard definition
  • Data storage: Some providers record your internet activity and could possibly sell it on to third parties in order to generate income
  • Limited server selection: Free VPNs provide fewer locations. For example, if there is none in the USA, you cannot activate the American Netflix media library either
  • Annoying advertising

But we have already addressed the biggest problem in the previous chapter:

Free virtual private networks usually only have a small pool of IP addresses that you have to share with many users. Netflix will notice this and you will not be able to stream any movies or series at all.

As you can see, there is always at least one catch that you have to reckon with with free providers.

Is bypassing geoblocking and changing the Netflix country legal?

Stop! Hands where we can see them! So you want to change your Netflix country ?! Don't worry, this is perfectly legal and legally harmless. You can also anonymize yourself on the Internet, hide your IP address and data trail in order to protect your data.

But! Just so that we understand each other correctly: A VPN does not represent a free ticket for illegal activities on the Internet. What is illegal remains illegal with a VPN and does not become more legal.

In addition, Netflix prohibits the circumvention of geoblocking in its terms and conditions. In the worst case, you run the risk of your account being blocked if you defy these regulations. But we are not even aware of such a case. And you don't have to fear any legal consequences that go beyond that.

VPN comparison: which provider should you use for streaming?

You can put a lot of time and effort into researching a suitable VPN. The market is huge and each provider has certain advantages and disadvantages. The prices and the services offered for them also fluctuate a lot from time to time.

We have already tested various VPNs and would like to introduce you to our two favorites that are guaranteed to bypass Netflix geoblocking. Both offer trial versions so that you can change your Netflix VPN again for free within this period:

ExpressVPN: Top Performance

With the convincing transfer rate of our performance winner, data redirection via distant servers is no longer a problem. This means that loading times with ExpressVPN are a thing of the past, even with high image resolution. For this you have to expect a slightly higher price (as of Jan 2021):

  • Per month: 10.68 euros
  • Per half-year: 49.43 euros (8.24 euros per month)
  • Per year: 82.42 euros (5.50 euros per month)

And here we have something else for you: a kind of promotional code that gives you a discounted 15-month subscription that you cannot easily find online.

NordVPN: Outrageously cheap

The price-performance winner leads you - especially with a long subscription term - extremely inexpensive to the country block of Netflix. At NordVPN, one or the other server is a bit more busy and less fast, but we have already told you how you can fix this problem.

  • Per month: 9.56 euros
  • Per year: 47.20 euros (3.93 euros per month)
  • Every 2 years: 71.20 euros (2.97 euros per month)

Conclusion: You can change your Netflix location carefree via VPN

Netflix doesn't work? Can't see the content you want? This can happen if you want to watch foreign content in Germany or German content abroad. Netflix is ​​geoblocking because it does not have the same broadcasting rights for every country. Netflix has to purchase these licenses at great expense and takes appropriate action against unauthorized access.

It's a shame, because we actually want to be able to see all the content that is available worldwide. Breathe a sigh of relief: there is a solution. With the right VPN, you can be anywhere else virtually at any time - and pretend to be a different country to the eyes of Netflix, so to speak. Our two favorites are:


High level of security

Servers in 94 countries

Very fast

Easy to use & great support

Bypasses Netflix geoblocking

This VPN delivers strong performance for high demands. Very fast, high level of security and even outsmarted Netflix.

Try it now for free

Easy to use

Additional security functions

Inexpensive three-year subscriptions

Fast support via live chat

No storage of usage data

NordVPN delivers a great overall package with a clear user interface at an unbeatable price. Streams all media libraries from abroad without any problems.

to offer

Both providers are also ideal for tricking other streaming services and for example watching Hulu in Germany. And don't worry: it's all legal.

Already using one of the recommended VPNs for Netflix? Or are you still having problems with our step-by-step guide to changing the Netflix country? Tell us in the comments!

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