How to cook sausages

Cooking Sausages - How To Do It Right

Personally, I love sausages in all shapes and sizes, whether boiled, fried or grilled. Even my little daughter loves them, the Viennese or Frankfurter sausages. But what annoyed me for years was that the sausages always burst if I didn't pay attention for a second or the water was too hot or or or ... I tried a few things, but somehow nothing worked. Do you feel the same way? Do you also get the crisis when these parts float around in the pot bursting again? Then be sure to read on here, because I'll tell you how you can almost always avoid bursting. But first let's clarify what to do or not to do.

Why do the sausages burst?

The sausage mass that is in the intestine expands when it is cooked and this increases the internal pressure. As a result, the sausage is quite under tension and if the water is too hot, that's it with the sausage.

Should you put on sausages in cold water or not?

Well, from my experience as a cook, I can tell you that it doesn't matter whether you put it on in cold or warm water.

But how do you keep those darn sausages from bursting? Here are my tips:

  1. The water must not boil, just boil and be at a maximum temperature of 90 ° C. However, 72 ° C is optimal.
  2. Add enough salt to the water. The addition of salt prevents it from bursting. This is because the salt in the water gives it a higher density.
  3. In the case of fried sausages, it helps to cut into the sausages so that the pressure can escape during frying.

If you follow these 3 tricks, then it will work with the sausage too.

  1. Add some milk to the cooking water, this will also prevent the sausage from bursting.

Why is there still salt in the water?

Salt has different properties. On the one hand, it should prevent the sausage from bursting during cooking and, what is even more important, that the sausages leach out in the water and lose their taste as a result of cooking.

Everything has an end, including this article, only the sausage - it has two :-). In this sense, good success when cooking sausages.

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