What are revelations

epiphany, the

open adj. 'not closed, not covered', transferred 'free, unlimited, vacant, sincere, undisguised', ahd.offan 'open, obvious, clear, plausible, public' (8th century), mhd.open 'open 'Spread out, full, public, unconcealed', asächs.opan, mnd.mnl.ōpen, nl.aengl.engl.open, anord.opinn (from Germ. * upana-) are adjectives with an n-suffix, perhaps in the sense of 'pulled up or lifted', hence 'open', to the adverb treated under ↗auf (sd). apparently adj. 'clearly evident, unambiguous', ahd.offenbāri 'solemn, apparent' (10th century), mhd.offenbære, revealbār, apparently 'open, open, clear, visible, impartial, public', mnd.ōpenbār ( e); to reveal vb ‘Sth. to show openly, to make known, to confess ’, mhd.openbæren, to reveal‘ to show openly, to publish ’; Revelation f. Mhd. Offenbārunge. Openness for gesch open-minded, honest nature ’(18th century). frank adj. ‘outspoken, communicative’ (17th century). public adj. 'intended for the general public, accessible, pertaining to the general public', ahd.offanlīh (9th century; cf.offanlīhho adv., 8th century), mhd.Openly 'obvious, perceptible to all, understandable, undisguised' , (with inserted glide sound) publicly (13th century), early hd. (with umlaut) public (since 15th century); Public f. ‘The public, generality’ (18th century); publish vb ‘Publicize, publish’ (19th century); Publication for ‘public announcement, publication’ (19th century). open vb 'Release a lock, open', transmit (reflexively) 'show open-mindedness, open up', ahd.offanōn 'reveal, proclaim, reveal, explain, betray', (reflexively) 'shine, reveal' (8th century. ), mhd.open (en) 'open, reveal, show, expound, publish'; in addition opening for ‘opening up, open place’, ahd.offanunga ‘revelation, enlightenment, explanation’ (8th century), mhd.open ‘opening, appearance, clarification, revelation, enlightenment, wisdom’.