Mansplaining is a real word

Pros and cons: mansplaining is a problem

Cons: We are already big!

They're crazy, the Swedes: First they invent Abba, then they throw Christmas trees out of the window - and now they're also setting up a hotline against male world explorers. In other words: you can overdo it with gender awareness.

It's true: every woman knows the phenomenon. The colleague important, who always grows up in front of you in meetings when you are about to say a more detailed sentence. Who likes to cut your word off to let you participate in his worldview. An "explainer" (Copyright Minister Sabine Oberhauser) who doesn't even notice how much his inflatedness is annoying.

The amazing thing: woman is young, explainer is (mostly) old. Woman thinks that it will be over with time. Woman is getting older, old explanatory explanations remain, young explanatory explanations move up - and woman thinks: It will probably never subside.

That is a little sobering - but it is probably not a problem that an authority has to deal with it and set up a hotline. Maybe little Swedes need that. But we Austrians are already big: we sharpen our claws with explanatory bears, their voracity makes us smarter, and we learn to reach into the honey pot when it is in front of us. At some point we will leave this species of bears behind us - like the scruffy teddy bear that we leave sitting in the corner of the room out of sheer sentimentality. (Petra Stuiber, November 20, 2016)