How do I use a brownie mix

Simple instructions for a great homemade brownie mix in a glass. An ingenious last-minute present from the kitchen - with a delicious result!

This brownie baking mix in a glass should definitely not be missing in my collection of gifts from the kitchen! On the one hand, because the homemade baking mix for brownies is extremely easy and quick to put together. On the other hand, the (fully baked) result also tastes extremely chocolaty, wonderfully juicy and chewy.

The recipe is rather untypical. My other brownie recipes, such as the “best brownies”, always contain a bit of melted chocolate. With the principle of baking mix in a glass, this is of course suboptimal - after all, the recipient should be able to put the mix (with egg and butter) completely into a mixing bowl and bake it directly. And so I put together a brownie baking mix that is based on cocoa and contains chocolate drops just for the look and the chocolate kick. Since I love shades of brown, I also like the color of the Brownie baking mix especially good. In a beautiful glass bottle, provided with a pretty label and the ultra-short baking instructions for the recipient, you can create a wonderful, individual autumn-winter souvenir within a few minutes.

I used this great device from brother to label the baking mix in the glass for brownies. Before this cooperation, printed labels at home always looked quite neutral and boring. With the printer from brother you prepare labels on the computer and you can use many templates, fonts, patterns, colors and images. The brownie baking mix in the glass from the 500ml bottle is also a visual treat.

This also makes the brownie mix in the glass look great

By the way: With us you will of course find many other recipes for baking mixes in jars, sometimes for 500 ml bottles, sometimes for 1 liter jars: a cookie mix, a mix for bread, two types of cake mix, a savory one for Crackers as well as one for Christmas cookies. You are spoiled for choice!

Note: I published this post for the first time in 2016 and last updated in 2020.

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Baking mix in a glass for brownies

This chocolate baking mix is ​​a nice, quick gift from the kitchen. For the delicious brownies, the recipient only has to add 2 eggs and 60 g butter.


  • Pour the ingredients into a 500 ml glass or bottle one after the other - from flour to chocolate. Make sure that each layer is "straight". If necessary, press the individual ingredients lightly with a tablespoon. The glass must be completely filled to the top.
  • Write the following instructions for the baking mixture (or a short form of it): “For the brownies, simply put the mix with 2 beaten eggs and 60 g melted butter in a bowl. Mix briefly. Fill the dough into a small, greased baking pan (approx. 20 * 20 cm) and bake at 180 degrees for approx. 25 minutes. "

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