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50 important tips for life

Improving your life & achieving better results is certainly not complicated! It's not rocket science! Therefore, here is a list of 50 simple but extremely effective tips that you only need to implement to achieve better results in all areas of life.

1. Regularly reconsider what you are doing

Routines, habits and beliefs make life easier for us because they ensure automatism, but they can also lead to us becoming something like prisoners in our own lives. If we lose control of our routines, habits and beliefs, our view of things begins to stiffen more and more and we get more and more afraid of leaving our comfort zone. You can avoid such a fate by rethinking your life from time to time and breaking old patterns or revising past decisions when you feel it is necessary.

2. Turn your passion into a job

From an early age we are conditioned to think that it is very difficult, almost impossible, to make a living with what we love. The result is a society full of people who can hardly wait for the weekend on Monday morning because they hate their job. Don't let your limiting beliefs turn you into a slave to money and condemn you for a lifetime to a job you can't stand. Find a way to live a life where you can do what you love!

3. Learn to enjoy the moment & be happy in it

Many people cause themselves endless sorrow & pain because they either live in the future and are afraid of it, or because their thoughts are always in the past and regret or mourn things. Instead, learn to be present in the here and now and enjoy the moment. This is the only way you can be truly happy! Learn to trust that everything is perfect the way it is!

4. Find out what your goals & dreams are

The world is full of people who steer through life without any plan or aim. People who don't know who they are and where they're going. Don't be one of these people, because the absolute majority of these people are or will be unhappy! Not to mention unsuccessful! Instead, find out what your goals & dreams are and use every breath you have to make them come true.

5. Never grow up

"You have to grow up!" Translated in most cases means "You should finally submit to social customs & conventions or social conditioning." Do not allow the inner child to die just because others are so afraid to express the real you and pursue your dreams. They will try to admonish you to prune and threaten you with consequences. Let her! Let them do it.

6. Never stop developing yourself

Your life is a perfect reflection of your personality. An undeveloped personality means an undeveloped, painful, and unhappy life. Personal development begins outside of your comfort zone. Outside of what is easy & familiar to you. Therefore, start doing the things that initially seem strange, uncomfortable and painful to you in order to develop yourself further as a person. I know this is tough! But it makes you happy!

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7. Get your dream body

The thing about our bodies is that we only get one of them in life. Shockingly, although most people are aware of this fact, they abuse their bodies & rape their bodies for as long as they live. Don't be one of these people! Instead, take good care of your body. Take care of him, train him, eat a healthy diet and form an exterior that you are proud of and that radiates the power that is inherent.

8. Become a master of your habits

Our habits shape our results. Logical! Whoever does the same thing over and over, we get the same results over and over again. The question is: Are all of your habits really helpful / healthy and do they support you in achieving your goals? I bet some of them don't! So learn how our habits work, how you can form new & healthy habits and break old & negative ones. Learn to control your habits and routines in order to become the master of your life.

9. Make your own rules & learn to protect them

It's a little absurd, but in order to enjoy a life of true freedom and independence, you have to learn to put some shackles on yourself. You have to learn to set up rules & guidelines that apply only to you and that serve the purpose of getting closer to your goals and achieving success in life. In order to achieve our goals and to feel free and happy in the meantime, such rules and guidelines are needed. It is they who keep us on course towards our goals. It is often not easy because many people will attack you from all directions. Learn to react elegantly and quickly to naysayers!

10. Break rules & guidelines

Of course you shouldn't break the rules & guidelines that you have imposed on yourself and that should bring you closer to your goals. I'm talking about the social rules and guidelines that people look at you crookedly when you break them. I'm talking about the rules & guidelines that, if you break them, will make you a lateral thinker. About the rules & guidelines that only the good sheep adhere to, who are too scared in life of breaking out of the herd and being unique.

11. Study Success & Happiness

There are countless courses at our universities and colleges that will teach you a lot of more or less interesting and helpful stuff, but I have never heard of a degree in "Success & Happiness Sciences". What I'm talking about here is of course lifelong self-study, the completion of which in my opinion holds the highest of all awards: a successful & happy life. So start by studying Success & Happiness to find out and understand how you too can become successful & happy.

12. Become a real expert in a field

I know that you are a multi-talent, but believe me, it is always better to decide on one thing and then only focus on that. Stop trying a million things at the same time and thereby dissipating your energy & focus. Find something in which you have a lot of potential (see tip 2) and just focus on it. Try to develop as best you can in this one thing. It is said that it takes at least 10,000 hours to become a true expert in a field. Then get started…

13. Do something totally crazy every year & feel alive doing it

We remember experiences and experiences, not objects! Would you like to be able to look back on a heap of useless clutter at the end of your life, or on a whole collection of unbelievable experiences? Make it your business to do at least one crazy endeavor every year. Jump off the plane, do a bungee jump, or go hang gliding. Whatever, but the main thing is that you do something crazy and feel the life! It's also a great way to boost your self-esteem.

14. Be an optimist - not a pessimist

Now let's be honest, if we even get the free decision whether we want to see things optimistically or pessimistically, why the hell decide to live as an eternally grim pessimist? Nobody likes pessimists - except maybe other pessimists. Let them band together and complain about how bad & negative everything is. We FlowFinder, we don't care, because we are optimists!

15. Be an idealist - not a realist

I'm not negative, I just see things realistically.“Heard something like this before, or maybe even given it yourself? Of course, there is no point in closing your eyes and hoping that everything will take care of itself when the poop is steaming again. But has this "realism" really brought you anything? In my experience, realists are people who have no confidence in themselves and who are only too happy to slide into pessimism. Idealists, on the other hand, are people with dreams, goals and visions. True FlowFinder!

16. Get yourself a morning ritual

You don't know what one "Morning ritual" is, right? Simply put, a morning ritual is a pre-defined routine, a simple routine that you perform at the same time every morning to get the day off to the best possible start. Instead of coffee and cigarette, 0.5 liters of water and a short workout plus a nutritious breakfast. You will see what a positive effect this has on your life.

17. Pay attention to what you say (stop gossiping)

I bet you also know quite a few people around you who seem to constantly complain about everything and everyone - who constantly blaspheme. About your boss, about the total stranger on the bus this morning, or even about your own friends and partner. Call it the law of attraction, karma, or whatever you want, one thing is for sure: negativity leads to even more negativity. So from now on, pay attention to it and catch yourself trying to spread negativity through your words again. And if you do that, ask yourself: who are you really harming?

18. Read more (valuable) books

Books: These are those rectangular things that usually have a cover and lots of pages to turn over. You may only know her better in the format of an e-book. Regardless of whether you prefer the classic book or the electronic version of it, make it a habit to read valuable content regularly. Warning: I say valuable! No novels, thrillers or tabloids! I'm talking about content that challenges you intellectually, provides new ideas & brain cells and thus lets you grow personally.

19. Fuck what other people think of you!

Forgive me for this somewhat vulgar language, but this tip is particularly close to my heart and that's why I would like to emphasize it in this way: Fuck what others think of you! Fuck what they're talking about you behind your back! Fuck it if they smile at your dream and your goals or even laugh at you because of it! You were not born to live up to the expectations & ideas of others. You were born to live YOUR life and make YOUR dreams come true! So do it the way you want without having to constantly conflict about whether what you are doing will please others. The people who are worth it will like it! The rest? Fuck it all!

20. Do not oppose what is

Life is a never-ending river! And those who have understood this and start a life WITH, instead of AGAINST this flow, are true flowfinders. For those, life becomes a game - not a struggle. So whoever tries to oppose a situation through negative emotions & thoughts is trying to oppose life. He tries to stop this flow by force! And trying like this always leads to more problems & more pain. So learn to accept things as they are. Learn to let things take their course!

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21. Reduce your time wasters to a minimum

As much as I love our time today and all the wonderful inventions it has produced, I condemn all the time and exhausting distractions that I have sworn to fight as FlowFinder every day. Email, Facebook, Youtube, Apps & Smartphones. These things are great, but only when we know how to control them. The wrong use of such things quickly leads to days and weeks flying by in absolute unproductivity and we only get closer to our goals at a snail's pace. Therefore, identify the annoying time wasters in your life and reduce them to a minimum in order to have more time for the really important things & people in your life.

22. Meditate for 20 minutes a day

You probably won't be able to do much with meditation at the moment. You may even be one of those people who tend to associate limiting or negative ideas with this term. I'm not saying that you have to become a Buddhist monk and spend the rest of your life in a meditative state (unless you want to), but believe me when I tell you that meditating just 20 minutes a day is one can have an unbelievably positive effect on your life and well-being! It doesn't even need an extravagant meditation technique! Just make a habit of sitting in a quiet place for just 20 minutes each day, closing your eyes, and trying not to think about anything.

23. Spend time with yourself & learn to love yourself

It's shocking how many people there are who shy away from being alone. In their defense, it must be said that we are socially conditioned to view the state of being alone as something exclusively negative. Most people believe that being alone is painful and must be avoided. But the truth is that we can only find ourselves in being alone! We can only learn who we really are and what we want by spending time with ourselves and exploring ourselves. Therefore, create free spaces in your life in which you have time to find yourself!

24. Help others (donate 10% of your income)

Perhaps you have already helped an elderly lady or a wheelchair user get on the bus, or overcome some other small obstacle in their eyes. And maybe you felt really good during that time and even for hours afterwards. If so, then you are a good person my friend. The world needs people like you! The world needs more people to help other people! Whether you are now helping old or disabled people with small everyday problems, or "just" sharing your financial prosperity with others by donating 10% of your income. What matters is that you feel that you are helping other people. It makes this world a little better and makes you damn happy too.

25. Set aside 10% of your income

Donate 10% & save another 10%. This is what the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” teaches us, which you should have read by the way, because it teaches the correct handling of money and thus lays the foundation for your financial success. Saving 10% of your income is not only the beginning of wealth & prosperity, no, it is above all the beginning of more balance and greater inner peace. You will see that the larger the amount in your savings account is from month to month, the more freedom and independence you will gain.

26. Achieve financial independence & financial freedom in the next step

Money won't make you happy, but it will open the doors to a world of even greater possibilities. Opportunities that you can use to be even more and to give even more. So set yourself the goal of one day having enough money that theoretically it would cover your expenses until the end of your days (that's financial freedom). The best way to do this is through financial independence. This is the day you start to make a living on your own. From which you are no longer dependent on a conventional “job” or a manager because you earn your money in your own way.

27. Sleep less

This one is for all the sleepyheads out there. I may be the last person who has something against a good round of sleep, and yet sleep is once again one of the things that should be enjoyed in moderation. So make it a habit to sleep a maximum of 7 hours a day (maybe 8 on Sundays) and always get up as early as possible, because this is one of the habits that many extremely successful people have in common. Or try other sleep cycles, such as polyphasic or biphasic sleep. What I'm trying to say here is: Don't miss out on your life & your chances!

28. Learn to control your mind

Every day, our entire life, we try to use our minds. However, we never got anything like an instruction manual for it. Instead, most of them try to use this extremely important tool only instinctively or intuitively - from the gut. They never worry about the fact that the mind is like a wild animal that needs to be tamed and controlled with the help of personality development. Only in this way can our mind develop its full potential and work towards our goals and dreams.

29. Learn to control your emotions

As important as taming and controlling our minds is keeping our emotions under control. Many people let their emotions control them instead of controlling them. In order to be successful & happy in life, it is important to make the right decisions always and everywhere. Our decisions shape our results and thus our entire life. And if you make wrong decisions because you let yourself be overwhelmed by your emotions, you will very likely end up in an unfulfilled & unsuccessful life.

30. Work on that six pack

Let's be honest: who wouldn't like to have one of those sexy six packs? I'm not talking about a six-pack of beer, of course, but about the washboard abs that you wanted to train yourself a long time ago. Studies have shown that belly fat in particular is harmful to health and can contribute to the development of diseases. If that's not reason enough to do your 8-minute abs workout every day as part of your morning ritual, then I don't know either.

31. Do something useful before bed

Do you remember tip 14 on this list? The morning ritual! Well, there is actually such a thing as an evening ritual. It is nothing more than a meaningful routine that you now carry out in the evening before going to bed instead of in the morning after getting up. The goal behind it is to give the mind something good & healthy on the way before it goes to sleep and processes the events of the day. For example, do it like me and read something before going to bed. Or listen to some music that relaxes you. No matter what you do as an evening ritual, anything is better than letting the television shower you!

32. Stop watching TV

Basically, you know what I'm about to tell you here, and you may have already said it a dozen times yourself: TV is all crap! Then why keep watching TV? I could give you 10 more without any problems. The fact is, television is a source of negativity and it costs you more than it gives you. So stop it! I'm not talking about films or series here. In fact, there are actually tons of inspiring & motivating films that should be seen, but stop zapping the channels stupidly!

33. Choose your environment & your friends wisely

You are the average of your 5 closest people! This is a very well-known saying in the field of personality development and it should make it clear how incredibly important our relationships are and what massive effect they have on our entire lives. Realize that as a FlowFinder you have to choose and shape your environment yourself! As tough as it sounds, it means you have to start sorting out the people who are holding back your personal development. Start surrounding yourself with people who make you grow instead of continuing to accept all the small minds in your life that are dragging you down and preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself.

34. Put your notebook close and write down new things in it every day

Our memory is great. No question! But the amount of impressions & information is now so huge that we can only remember a fraction of it all. The easiest way to solve this dilemma is to use the most classic of all tools, namely the pen and the sheet of paper. Nowadays you can of course also use a lot of digital solutions and yet none of them have the charm & effect that the good old notebook has. So get yourself such a notebook and record new things in it every day, which are also worth recording. Your goals, your dreams, your thoughts & other valuable ideas.

35. Cut out everything bad & negative out of your life

Whether it's the wrong friends & acquaintances, the wrong job that you hate profoundly, or even a part of your own personality that you basically can't stand because it makes you into a person you don't want to be, you have to start identifying such negative things in your life and removing them. I am not saying that it is easy! But I say that this is necessary if you want to feel more happiness & fulfillment. Because negativity is like a tumor that keeps growing and makes your whole life sick as long as you don't remove it.

36. Question everything you have been taught

We have been taught so much about how the world, life & happiness works from others at a far too young age in our lives. This social conditioning has led to a variety of limiting beliefs that prevent us from reaching our full potential in many areas of our lives. People who have never tried to be successful taught us that success was an exception, a matter of chance. And we believed them! People who were unhappy taught us that happiness in life is fleeting and capricious. And we believed them! It is time to find out what actually is reality and what you believe to be true & right because you were taught to do so.

37. Practice minimalism

Even if it is nice to buy any items that you have wanted for a long time and have worked hard for, you will still need to understand that true happiness and true fulfillment can never be achieved through material possessions. Do not make the classic mistake and identify yourself through the material objects that you own. Instead, separate yourself from all the unnecessary clutter in your life and recognize that there is no price tag for true happiness & fulfillment.

38. Be a source of motivation, inspiration & goodness

Make sure that you always post more positives than negatives in everything you do. That you share things like motivation, inspiration, willingness to help & joy instead of things like hate, anger, jealousy or envy with others. If you send negativity, you also receive negativity! In particular, make sure that you share things with others who are good within the social network in which you are active. Things that motivate others, inspire them and make them grow!

39. Be aware of what you are sacrificing

It's true: In order to achieve our goals & dreams, we have to set clear priorities and make sacrifices. But ambition can quickly blind us to changes that we hadn't actually foreseen. Changes that are almost creeping into our lives and ensure that we unconsciously make a greater sacrifice than we are basically ready. For example, is it really worth the money and professional success to you that you don't see your children grow up and have no time for them? Wonder what it is that you sacrifice to have what you have?

40. Make your parents proud

Your parents put a lot of strength, time, money & even nerves into your upbringing. They did this because they loved you unconditionally from the moment you were born. And the best way to say thank you for their self-sacrificing and relentless effort is to make something of yourself and your life! Use the desire to make your parents proud as a powerful motivator on your path to self-actualization.

41. Make a note of the names of the people you meet

It seems ridiculous at first, but these simple little habits can actually have a massive impact on your social interactions. Memorizing the name of a new person can, for example, decide whether or not you get the job you were hoping for. Or whether you get a date or a basket. Asking for the name of a stranger, memorizing it and using it in the course of a conversation with the person can instantly build closeness, trust and sympathy. So remember the names of the people you meet!

42. Change yourself if you want change

Many people endure a lot of suffering & pain because they don't know how to make positive changes in their lives. They believe that they have to somehow change their circumstances in order to finally solve their pain or problems and be truly happy. But at the same time they also believe that they have no strength to change their circumstances. They try to solve problems that have internal causes and external ones. Of course that doesn't work! The truth is that your entire life is a direct reflection of your personality. Only when you change does everything change for you!

43. Do not try to change others

Especially in partnerships and friendships it often happens that people try to change the other person according to their ideas. They try to deform their personality through things like pressure or even manipulation, with the aim of making their own life easier or more pleasant in some way. Something like this is not only highly selfish, no, it is also the beginning of a path that in the end will make both sides deeply unhappy. So instead of changing others, you need to learn to recognize the point in a friendship or partnership where it is time to part ways.

44. Don't follow the crowd

Doing what everyone else around you is doing is absolutely the surest path to a life of mediocrity. It's sad, but like the sheep, we are conditioned to never leave the flock - never to step out of line. Whoever does that is different and to be different is bad! The truth is that we are all different and therefore different and only those who have the courage to live it will have something like a life in the first place. As Mark Twain once said: "Whenever you share the opinion of the majority, it is time to reconsider."

45. Give people what they want

Giving people what they want is the easiest and fastest way to make friends and get others to like you. Not only that, if you help others get what they want, they'll help you get what you want too! Of course you shouldn't become an ass-creeper & slipper now (don't forget tip 17), because nobody can stand that. But you should understand that each of us needs help at some point. Nobody can do it alone!

46. ​​Build self-discipline

Self-discipline is by far one of the most important qualities of successful & happy people. If you want to achieve goals, realize yourself and be successful & happy, you have to learn to do the things that need to be done when they need to be done - whether you like it or not! Self-discipline is like a muscle because you can train and build. So start training this muscle today and you'll be amazed where it will take you.

47. Better be not perfect

There is a fine line between healthy ambition and harmful perfectionism. Healthy ambition will bring you the results you want and that in the fastest possible way. Perfectionism, on the other hand, takes possession of you and ensures that you cannot accept your own achievements. Recognize when you step over this fine line and try to do things well & better, but never "perfect". Because perfection is the killer of progress!

48. Put yourself first

What is mistakenly labeled as something negative is in truth the only way to not only lead a happy and fulfilling life, but also the only way to change the lives of those around you for the better and set an example for them to be. Only those who understand that there is such a thing as healthy egoism, which accelerates their own personal development, can begin to set their own priorities and to realize their dreams. You don't need to be an asshole who cares about no one else but himself, but you do need to be someone with clear goals, priorities & principles.

49. Love is everything! So love everything too!

I know this is not easy. There are enough things & people in this world that it seems impossible to feel love for them. But a look at the great spiritual leaders of our time shows us that whoever accepts love as their deepest being can change the world. Love is the most powerful of all forces and at the same time also the most positive. If you send out more love, you will also receive more love in return. So make it your task to perceive the love in your life & in this world, to let it grow and to share it with others.

50. Become a FlowFinder

The last, but probably the most important tip on this list;). Make a decision to become a person who has made it a mission in life to grow personally and thus become the best version of themselves. Make a decision to become a person who wants to be more so that you can give more. A person who is a role model to others and who makes a real difference in this world. Become a FlowFinder!

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Ok, and that's about it. The list of 50 tips for life. If you liked it and you would like to have more of that kind of wisdom, take a look at my article: 101 life wisdoms that you should know.

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