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Germany: the new vacation paradise

A study by the "World Economic Forum" shows that Germany is becoming increasingly popular as a travel destination. The number of visitors has been growing since 2004 - faster than in other European countries. Over 60 million tourists now come to Germany every year. So it has in the international Reputation caught up and is the second after Switzerlandmost popular Become a vacation destination in Europe.

When deciding to spend a vacation in Germany, play different reason a role: Germany is cheaper than other European travel destinations. In addition, travelers feel safe here, and so do they estimate the good health care, the local public transport and the service of hotels and restaurants.

Through its long history and rich Culture offers Germany many interesting sightseeing opportunities. Cologne Cathedral, for example, is one of the most popular in the world Cultural monuments, and also various natural landscapes, such as the Alps or the Wadden Sea, pull many vacationers at. In addition, thanks to its location, Germany is the perfect starting point for trips to other European countries.

However, these reasons alone do not explain why so many want to spend their vacation in Germany. For the positive image change The 2006 World Cup is particularly responsible for the country and its inhabitants. Back then, the world stood in amazement in front of this nation that happily celebrated a four-week party in its own country. The serious and orderly Germans became tolerant and sympathetic hosts. And people like to travel to such a country.


Paradise that - here: a particularly beautiful place

something counts as something - something is seen in a certain way by many people

Service desert that - very bad service, e.g. B. unfriendly employees in hotels and restaurants etc.

inflated - too high

Staff that - the employees of a company

something is catching up in reputation - something is found better now than before

popular - popular

play a role - here: be important

appreciate something - here: find something good

Health care that - the care and treatment of sick or injured people

public transport, the - the traffic of buses and trains over short distances

Service that - a service for guests or customers, e.g. B. the service in the restaurant

rich - here: different; Interesting

Cultural monument, that - something, e.g. B. a building that has a high cultural value

something attracts someone - Somebody finds something particularly good

positive image change, the - improving the impression other people have of someone or something

Host who - someone who has guests with them and takes care of them

Questions about the text

1. A study has shown that ...

a) the number of people who want to go on holiday in Germany is increasing very quickly.

b) Germany is now just as popular as a travel destination as Switzerland.

c) almost 60 million tourists come to Germany every year.

2. What mainly led to the positive image change of the Germans?

a) the investigation of the "World Economic Forum"

b) the 2006 World Cup

c) Cologne Cathedral

3. Decide: Which statement is negative?

a) Travelers appreciate the German health system.

b) Germany is no longer considered a service desert.

c) The population has lost international prestige.

4. "Germany offers tourists interesting opportunities." Replace the nouns with pronouns. Which sentence is correct?

a) It offers them to them.

b) You offer it to him.

c) It offers them them.

5. Complete the sentence: "Many holidaymakers find the Alps and the Wadden Sea ...

a) attractive. "

b) dressed. "

c) put on. "

Work order

Imagine you are spending your vacation in Germany. Which city would you like to travel to and why? Write down your reasons in a few short sentences and, if possible, use the subjunctive II: "I would like to travel to Berlin ..."

Authors: Matthias von Hellfeld / Susanne Roth

Editor: Barbara Syring