Computer science jobs pay off well

Salary computer scientist
What computer scientists earn

But money is not everything. Other factors should also be taken into account when choosing the right company: In smaller companies, the salary is lower, but the working atmosphere is often more familiar. In addition, the fields of activity are often broader and the personal development opportunities are better. The advantage over large companies: Smaller companies usually have the opportunity to take on more responsible tasks earlier.

There are special features with start-up companies: Those who start here as a computer scientist have to expect a low salary. But the risk can become lucrative once the start-up has established itself. The employee is then often rewarded with substantial increases in salary.

In general, however, it can be said that many computer scientists prefer the “big players”. This can be seen in the ranking of the most popular employers for computer scientists in 2017. In first place is Google. Large corporations such as Microsoft and the BMW Group are also at the forefront.

The IT sector is becoming increasingly popular because of the good job and salary prospects. There are many ways into business. It is a mistake that a high degree automatically means more money in the long term. A lucrative IT job is not necessarily tied to a university career. Their training opportunities are just as diverse as the work areas for computer scientists.

The salary after the computer science training

In addition to studying, there are also numerous training professions in the IT sector. After completing the IT training, the salary is initially lower than after graduation. This is shown, for example, by the starting salary for trained IT specialists in system integration: According to, it is between 1,700 euros and 2,100 euros gross per month.

However, lower earnings can only be expected when starting a career. Because more important than the qualification in the IT area is the practical experience. Even if computer scientists start their IT careers with an apprenticeship: Over time, they quickly earn as much as computer scientists with a bachelor's degree. Within six to ten years of professional experience, the gross annual earnings of IT specialists increase enormously. On average, they can then expect EUR 10,000 more gross.

Computer science studies: Salary with Bachelor and Master

Computer science courses are more popular than ever. This is proven by statistics from the Federal Employment Agency (BA) from April 2019: Since the turn of the millennium, the number of graduates has risen continuously here. In 2017, around 26,000 students successfully completed their computer science studies. That is not only 5 percent more than last year, but also more than ever before.

In the long term, the degree does not have a major impact on the salary. For professional groups such as lawyers or engineers, it may play an important role. This is not the case in IT. The higher degree only has a positive effect on entry. With a bachelor's degree in computer science, the salary is initially higher than with a computer science education. Graduates with a master’s degree in computer science are paid even more: this can be several thousand euros per year. Over time, Bachelor graduates can compensate for this income advantage. The reason: Master’s students go to university for two years longer. During this time, computer scientists with a lower degree can already gain important professional experience. After two years, this experience can already make itself felt in the salary. They may then get as much as a master’s graduate to start with.

Through internships, students can get to know different ways of working in the IT area while they are still studying. This not only enhances the résumé later: employers look specifically for graduates with professional experience. Because computer science is changing quickly. That is why practical experience is often more important than theory.

Computer science doctorate: salary higher at entry

In computer science, the doctorate plays a rather subordinate role. This can also be seen in the statistics from the Federal Employment Agency (BA). Around 1,000 doctoral degrees were achieved in 2017. The intensity of the doctorate in computer science students is comparatively low: in 2014 it was 14 percent, while the average across all fields of study was 28 percent.

Computer scientists with a doctorate can look forward to a higher starting salary than Bachelor or Master graduates. But they also attended the university for many years longer.

In summary, it can be said that the IT area is constantly changing. Initially, higher qualifications promise a higher salary. However, the differences in pay are quickly offset by professional experience. Because the following applies to computer science: practice before theory.