Which gemstone should be worn

Sleep well - with healing stones


Good protective stone, conveys a feeling of security, especially good for children! Simplifies thought structures, has a centering, regenerating effect, and deepens sleep. Under the pillow it helps to deepen sleep and thereby make it calmer and more restful. Dream contents also become more pleasant. In addition, agate helps to sleep longer if you wake up too early in the morning and can no longer fall asleep.


Promotes restful, deep, refreshing sleep, good for inner restlessness, good for convalescence - ideally put under the pillow. Worn on the body, it can give its wearer more vitality.


Amethyst is the classic! Promotes the quality of sleep when a lot of unfinished business leads to a stressful dream event. Typical signs for this: increasing need for sleep, with a simultaneous decrease in recovery value. Unprocessed is set aside internally and cleared out in the dream. With continuous repetitions, sleep lacks the depth for the necessary regeneration during this time. Sobriety, concentration, switching off thoughts, better processing. Also good during the day to process events immediately. As an initial aggravation, dreaming can increase so that clearing out the attic is completed after a few days, sleep becomes deeper and more restful and the regeneration phases become shorter.


Aventurine especially improves sleep by helping to get rid of persistent thoughts, images and disturbing emotions. He brings the necessary calm and serenity to fall asleep peacefully. Promotes self-determination, individuality, so you take fewer problems with you to sleep. Can help let go of worries.


Chalcedony helps you think and act more easily. Accepting the unchangeable, reducing internal resistance, that calms you down. Inner peace increases the body's defenses, is anti-inflammatory, and stimulates lymph flow.


Chrysoprase helps with sleeping problems and nightmares. Especially with children who wake up completely disturbed at night. Also detoxifies on the spiritual and spiritual level, brings trust in God and self-confidence. Good for children, when falling asleep, fear of letting go (helplessness in sleep) gives security in oneself. Nightmares: Chrysoprase and light amethyst.


Charoit helps to settle one by one calmly and calmly. Do what has to be done, then you can sleep peacefully. Makes invulnerable to stress and worries.


Lepidolite makes you self-confident, self-determined, protects against outside influences. Don't let yourself be interfered with, that brings calm.


Selenite promotes deep, restful sleep, protection for sensitive people.

Tourmalineblack (Schörl)

Tourmaline black improves sleep by relaxing quickly and thus making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Is also a help when interference fields or electrosmog are not neutralized; can hinder sleep.