Who did Tywin Lannister respect in Westeros

Why does Tywin correct Arya when using m'Lord and my lord?


Tywin hates stupidity. He's pretty consistent here, if you remember the things he said about his kids and Jaime: "Lannisters don't act like fools." He's a smart, shrewd man, and I should say he's tired of being surrounded by jerks all the time. He has a high regard for smarts, and that's why he's so forgiving and grateful for Arya. She's like a breath of fresh air, and talking to her is his way to relax and unwind after all that hard work on the battlefield. Tywin's relationship with Arya reflects and agrees with his principles - Tywin greatly values ​​intelligence, and this shows how Tyrion was brought up. Tyrion knows this, which is why he worked hard all his life to match his father's intellectual standards.

So yeah, he sees through her but lets go of it because he likes her.

Scott Robb

Yes, Tywin definitely knows that Arya is not a citizen. He just corrects here so she can keep up her trick. If you didn't get it, Arya said right on purpose, then corrected herself to give authenticity to her story. Tywin sees through again. That's all, of course, provided Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish hasn't told Tywin anything. It wouldn't do him any good to do this and not believe that he was doing it.

By the way, she claims that her father is a stonemason, not an iron mason. These were called blacksmiths.

Andres F.

I Agree. And he corrects her because he likes her in a certain way, but still has to show that he will not be fooled!

DM Brown

First, he does not say "noble girls" but "low-born girls". Second, in the book, Arya is Roose Bolton's Cupbearer, not Tywin Lannisters. Though he says on the series that she reminds him of Cersei and notes that she is smart for a young girl - a quality he values ​​in people. Since Arya Stark is supposed to be in Kings Landing (Tyrion won't find out about Arya's escape until he goes to KL in Tywin's place), Tywin has no reason to believe she is Arya Stark, just another highborn girl going to war The United States is involved in the Five Kings.