How does business competition benefit consumers

Health related advertising

Companies often advertise the health-promoting effects of food and dietary supplements, because consumers feel particularly addressed by health-related advertising. However, in order to protect consumers from being misled, health advertising is only permitted within narrow limits.


Health Claims Regulation


The so-called Health Claims Regulation regulates what is allowed and what is forbidden. It stipulates that food manufacturers across the EU are only allowed to make nutrition and health claims that are scientifically proven and that meet the requirements of the regulation.

In this way, a high level of protection for the consumer is to be guaranteed in that "health promises" are only allowed to be made if they are also made. On the one hand, the Health Claims Regulation regulates the general conditions for avoiding misleading consumers; and the scientific verifiability as well as the information on the composition of the food. On the other hand, the ordinance contains special regulations on health and nutritional information as well as special rules for disease-related statements.



Warning risk


The Europe-wide uniform regulation is also intended to enable the free movement of goods by creating a level playing field. In this way, the regulation is also intended to benefit the entrepreneur and represents a so-called “market behavior rule” within the meaning of Section 4 No. 11 UWG - an infringement therefore constitutes a violation of applicable competition law and can be warned for a fee.


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