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At babysitter. The requirements for supervision vary from family to family. It is predominantly women who are registered as babysitters, often pupils who apply for jobs as a part-time job, but there are also many people with a child-related education. But a male babysitter can also be the right choice and you will also find babysitters here.

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In many cases, the childminder advertises several children in their own rooms and takes on educational tasks as a babysitter in certain areas. If a babysitter is not wanted and a childminder is not wanted, the alternative is a German nanny: nanny.

This also takes on minor household chores when applying for a babysitter and childminder. Washing clothes, ironing, doing shopping and picking up and delivering services are often additional tasks of babysitting for childcare.

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Families not only want to find a babysitter or find a childminder, are at babysitter. This is also where committed hired grannies are placed.

These carers are usually much older than a sitter or a childminder.

Application Children have the chance to develop a close relationship with an older person and benefit from their life experience. Simply register for free and place an advertisement for parents in which you briefly describe your exact requirements and ideas with regard to the babysitter.

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You will then receive applications from qualified supervisors. Alternatively, you can of course also independently search our babysitter database with thousands of detailed and informative profiles of babysitters, applications, nannies and loan grannies. The supervisors have a lot of information ready for you in the profiles.

Babysitter problem, babysitter. Is Austria looking for a babysitter application in Vienna? We are working to ensure that you will find what you are looking for on our Austrian babysitting site.

Babysitter in Zurich or all over Switzerland, for this we advertise our Swiss babysitter site. Child care is the absolute focus, but babysitters can, depending on the arrangement, take over other handouts in the household depending on the child carer.

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