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Bird species and their peculiarities

Budgies are the most popular birds.

But what kinds of birds can you keep as pets? What do they look like, what is their character, can they sing or speak? What are their needs?

You can find the profiles of the 10 most popular species of birdsthat can be kept as pets. There is one for each species of bird Characteristics with information about the size, the lifespan, the character, the attitude, whether you hand-tame become, linguistically gifted are and how much noise they do.

Birds have very different characters. Budgies are z. B. playful, but peaceful at the same time. Often times they become tame, as do cockatiels. But these can also be quite loud. Monk Parakeets are gifted with languages ​​and lovebirds are very lively. Zebra finches are uncomplicated and sing magically, but they do not become tame and are not gifted with languages.

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All bird species at a glance:

Which birds are best for beginners?

Those who have never kept birds before are primarily looking for easy-care animals. As a rule, this means that the cage rarely needs to be cleaned, that the animals are easy to handle and that they make little noise. This is especially important for beginners.

Well, regardless of the species, bird cages need frequent cleaning. How the animals are dealt with often depends on the people themselves. In other words, whether you yourself are tense and impatient or loving and balanced and behave in such a way that the animals can trust you. Monk parakeets and cockatiels are particularly loud. The Bourke parakeet and the canary are calmer.

Can you keep birds without flying freely?

Budding bird owners may ask themselves “Do the animals have to be allowed to fly freely?” And may think “You don't have to fly somewhere to peck for food. That's already in the bowl. "

If someone sat you on a sofa and brought you something to eat and drink, would it be okay for you to stay on the sofa forever and ever? So not just for a few hours, but for weeks, months and years?

Birds want to move. Birds want to fly. So the answer is no. If you want to keep birds, you have to be clear beforehand that birds need free flight EVERY DAY and you can check exactly how you can make this possible for the animals in your home.

Which birds need the least space?

Of the bird species presented here, cockatiels, monk parakeets and white-headed parrots need the largest cage. Blue-necked parrots and canaries can get by with a slightly smaller cage.

Nevertheless, the following applies: a cage is always a cage. It can't be big enough. It would be best if you had a vacant / unused room that you could turn into a bird room. The birds can then fly in it whenever they want.

Don't forget: all birds must be kept at least in pairs!

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