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Star profile Sansa Stark

The childhood of Sansa Stark

Sansa grows up as the eldest daughter of Lord Eddard Stark in Winterfell. Already in her teenage years she is a little lady and wants nothing more than to please. She doesn't get along very well with her sister Arya, her characters are too different. Sansa loves sagas and dreams of marrying a prince. Because of her girlish naivety, Sansa is one of the less popular characters in the first seasons of the series.

Sansa Stark's rude awakening

Sansa's wish comes true, but differently than she imagined: In the first season, she moves with her father and sister to the royal court in King’s Landing and is engaged to the Crown Prince Joffrey. This turns out to be a teenage monster. Sansa witnesses her father being executed as a traitor. Much too late, she discovers who really are the bad guys in the competition for the royal throne: Joffrey and his mother Cersei. The desperate Sansa sees all her illusions destroyed and now has to live as a hostage at the royal court.

A single martyrdom: Sansa as a pawn in the "Game of Thrones"

In addition to Theon Greyjoy, Sansa Stark experienced the worst mental and physical torture in "Game of Thrones". Joffrey humiliates his fiancée wherever possible and lets his bodyguard beat her up. She is later forced to marry Tyrion Lannister because the Lannisters want to take Winterfell under the nail. Next, the “Red Wedding” means another hard blow of fate for Sansa. With Petyr Baelish's help, Sansa eventually escapes King’s Landing. But he also proves to be a bad advisor: In season 5, Baelish encourages her to marry Ramsay Bolton (the marriage to Tyrion was never consummated and thus declared invalid). Bolton is an even bigger sadist than Joffrey and rapes Sansa on their wedding night. This scene generated a lot of criticism of the series.

Sansa Stark strikes back

In "Game of Thrones" women often turn out to be stronger. In the end, the two daughters of the battered Stark family succeed in striking back. Sansa can keep her inner strength and in season 6 develops into an emancipated young woman. She escapes from Bolton and begins to seek revenge. In a shocking but satisfying scene towards the end of the season, Sansa has Ramsay Bolton mangled by his own dogs.

Sansa Stark between several men

The tragic thing about Sansa's love life is that she never realizes who really deserves her affection. Her teenage crushes for Prince Joffrey and later for Loras Tyrell are doomed: one is a monster, the other is secretly gay. She does not notice that the grim but kind-hearted Sandor Clegane is in love with her. Then she is at the mercy of her savior Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. The former admirer of her mother now also wants to take Sansa for himself. She takes a giant step toward growing up when she finally rejects Littlefinger's advances in season 6. One can only wish her more luck in love in the future! But anyone who knows "Game of Thrones" can rightly suspect bad things.