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At Camunda, we believe that exchanging ideas with other users can offer great added value for everyone involved. That's why we really appreciate that our great open source community regularly takes the initiative to organize meetups to discuss the latest developments in the industry, share codes, present application examples and talk about Camunda's product contributions.

Are you looking for a meetup group near you?

There are already a variety of meetups organized by community members around the world to provide insights into workflow automation, microservices, business process management, and other industry topics. Regardless of whether you are a developer, architect, IT manager or simply have a general interest in the topic, you are always cordially invited to take part in the meetups.

Upcoming Camunda Meetups

Would you like to organize your own meetup?

Didn't find a meetup nearby? Then just organize one yourself! If you need assistance, you can access our Organizer Guide or contact us at [email protected]

We can help organize a meetup in a number of ways:

  • We connect you with other users who are interested in attending your meetup
  • We support you in finding a suitable venue
  • We advertise your meetup group via our social media channels
  • We provide a budget for snacks & refreshments