What is Cocubes 1

Stackable wooden boxes for flexible working environments


How can an office and work environment adapt flexibly to changing space requirements?



We have developed a room system made up of two modules that connect firmly to each other when stacked (comparable to Lego bricks). In this way, seating and work areas, shelves, shelves, room dividers and much more can be set up, dismantled and converted quickly and intuitively.


"A wide range of room options has a positive effect on employer attractiveness, active cooperation and self-determination." (Stephanie Wackernagel, ORGATEC special report on the study "Effective office and work environments")

Each module can be dismantled into its individual parts. This allows the system to be stored and transported in a space and resource-efficient manner. In addition, individual areas can be designed individually (different colors, haptics, branding, guidance system) and easily refurbished in the event of damage or wear.

  • Efficient
  • Sustainable
  • Durable
  • Customizable


Simon Kiepe

André Holstein