Why do I work so slowly

Too slow at work | Can the boss fire me for dawdling?

Unconcentrated, tired, overwhelmed? Or just not in the mood?

Sometimes you need more time on the job, wondering how much faster your colleagues complete the same task.

But those who constantly work too slowly at work or dawdle around do not make themselves popular with the boss and colleagues. But is slow work a reason to quit?

Can the boss fire me if I work too slowly?

Not without further ado. In order for a dismissal due to slow work to stand in court, it must be clear that you do a lot less on the job than your colleagues. And that permanently!

Before that happens, your boss will first talk to you and find out what the problem is. As a result, he could, for example, send you to a training course or transfer you.

► Only when all options, including a warning, have been exhausted, can the final consequence be the termination.

On the other hand, if you cannot help your slow pace because, for example, the working conditions are too bad or you are being bullied by your colleagues, the termination has little chance of success.

Can I defend myself against being dismissed because of my slow pace?

In principle, you can defend yourself with a dismissal protection lawsuit. If the dispute ends up in court, your employer has to prove that your performance is well below the average of your colleagues.

That would be the case, for example, if you managed a third less than your colleagues in the same period of time.

However, the comparison only works if the employees carry out similar activities. In court, it is also taken into account how long you have worked for the company. For example, if you have only just started and are not yet very familiar with the work processes, your boss will find it difficult to compare your performance with that of a long-standing and experienced employee.

► In principle, you have a good chance in court if you can refute the accusation that you are working too slowly. Make it clear to the judges how you will successfully increase your workload in the future.

Tip: If you are wrongly accused of being too slow at work, you should document your work. You can point out to your manager that you think the allegation is incorrect.

★ Warning: If you deliberately delay your work, for example because you do not feel like doing the job, your boss may interpret this as a refusal to work. This is a reason for termination!

This also applies if, for example, you spend hours surfing the Internet privately during working hours. In that case, your employer can accuse you of working time fraud.