Health care in the Netherlands is free

Family insurance


Your partner, with whom you are married or live in a registered partnership, can also be insured with you in Germany. The condition for this, however, is that your partner does not work or receive benefits in the Netherlands.

Your partner is then just as insured as you. You are both insured in Germany through the German health insurance company and you can use health care in the Netherlands through the free CZ contract policy.

If the partner works in the Netherlands or receives a WW benefit, sickness benefit or a WIA / WAO benefit, this partner is insured in the Netherlands and his or her children, if any, are also insured with this partner in the Netherlands.


Co-insurance in Germany with a health insurance company is also possible for children who are under 18 years of age. When your child turns 18, they must take out health insurance themselves in the Netherlands and pay the nominal contribution to the health insurer. Is the child under 18 and does the child have a part-time job in the Netherlands? Then this child is independently insured (free of charge) in the Netherlands and the child is no longer co-insured with the health insurance company.

When are the children co-insured with the partner in the Netherlands?

Does your partner work in the Netherlands or does your partner receive a WW benefit, benefits under the Ziektewet, a WIA or WAO benefit? Then your underage children will also be insured with your partner in the Netherlands.

Registration with the health insurance company in the Netherlands

In order to continue to use Dutch health care and Wlz in the Netherlands, you need the S1 (formerly E106) form from the German health insurance company with which you have registered. Use this form to register with CZ-verzekeringen in the Netherlands. In this case, you do not have a free choice of health insurer in the Netherlands. CZ determines who can be co-insured and informs the German health insurance company of this. Any co-insured persons then use the Dutch health care system in the Netherlands in the same way via CZ and in Germany via your health insurance company.

Health insurance surcharge (zorgoeslag)

If you have health insurance in Germany, you are no longer entitled to the health insurance supplement (zorgoeslag) in the Netherlands. If your partner is insured in the Netherlands and their joint income is below the income limit, your partner is entitled to half the supplement. If your partner is also insured with you in Germany, there is no entitlement to a health insurance supplement at all.