What can make me interesting

How do I make myself interesting?

She does not notice me", Xavier Naidoo sang and spoke to many unhappy lovers.

In this article, we'll show you how to make yourself interesting and finally get noticed.

You will learn in this article:

  • the power of first contact;
  • the power of your inner radiation (extremely effective);
  • how your posture affects your overall appearance;
  • 8 tips and absolute no-gos.

You will:

  • can greatly improve your demeanor;
  • appear attractive and interesting;
  • make no more fatal mistakes!

How do I make myself interesting? - The first contact

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression!

The first contact must therefore be well planned in order to be remembered and, at best, still Curiosity and sympathy to wake up.

When two people first meet, their first impression is 55 percent based on physical appearance, 38 percent based on the way the other speaks, and only 7 percent based on what the other says.

So don't worry so much about what to say, but concentrate on your appearance, your body language and your gestures, because these will ultimately decide whether the other person likes you and wants to get to know you.

Tip for women: If the problem is that you don't know what exactly he wants, check out this article.
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Positive attitude

Your inner attitude influences your charisma. Therefore, pay attention to a positive inner attitude so that you can address the object of your desire with an attractive, friendly charisma.

It's best to think of a nice experience just before you see your dream partner.

Imagine it down to the smallest detail and linger for a while in this daydream in which you feel confident, strong, sexy and happy.

Enjoy this feeling and hold on to it, then you will radiate these feelings and appear attractive and sympathetic to your counterpart.

Pay attention to your posture!

Posture also contributes to our external appearance and is therefore particularly important for a good first impression.

Your posture also affects your mood. Try the following once:

Stand up straight, straighten your shoulders, stretch both arms over your head, smile and raise your eyebrows. And now try to be sad. Does not work?
Then try something different: sit on the sofa, sink into yourself, hunch your back and let your shoulders hang, furrow your forehead and look at the floor. And now try to be really euphoric and happy. Doesn't work either? Do you see what influence your posture has on your mind?

So pay particular attention to positive posture at the first meeting:

Stand up straight, keep your shoulders off Not hang, look straight and not on the floor, and smile a lot. The good mood will be transmitted to your counterpart through your posture.

Make sure you look well-groomed!

It doesn't matter if you have blonde or brown hair, wear glasses or a beard (if you are male!).

Nevertheless, there are a few things that are always perceived negatively and make a good first impression impossible :?

  • Bad breath
  • dirty, unkempt teeth
  • unpleasant body odor
  • unkempt fingernails
  • dirty clothes
  • Oily hair

So pay attention to a well-groomed appearance if you want to address the object of your desire.

What will you wear?

Your clothes should be clean and at least somewhat conform to current fashion rules.

You shouldn't have the feeling that you are disguising yourself.

Dress so that you feel comfortable and that the clothes reflect your character.

Keep eye contact!

Eye contact is very important and creates sympathy. Even if you are shy, do not look at the floor or convulsively at the other person's mouth.

Take a deep look into his / her eyes, it touches your interlocutor emotionally and he / she will find you sympathetic and interesting.

Show humor!

Nothing makes you more personable than making others laugh.

Still, you're not a break-time clown or a comedian who frantically pulls out one joke after the other and waits for applause.

Just show humor and laugh at yourself from time to time. If you manage to make your counterpart smile, you have already collected valuable sympathy points and made yourself interesting.

You can find more about the topic of interest in psychology on Wikipedia but now in the text.

How do I make myself interesting and how do I stay that way? # 4 tips

Have you made it and made such a good impression that the object of your desire wants to see you again and get to know you, you are now faced with the next question: How do I make myself interesting and stay it?

1 # Stay independent!

Always stay independent. It is important to find the right balance between distance and closeness.

If the other person knows you inside out and there is nothing left to surprise him / her with, then your partner may no longer find you interesting.

Therefore, always make sure to develop yourself further, to pursue your goals and to pursue your interests.

So you always have something new to tell. This keeps the relationship fresh and the interest alive.

2 # Show the competition

Sometimes it's not bad to show your partner that there is competition.

But don't overdo it, the other shouldn't feel threatened and hurt, but just see that others are interested in you too.

That only makes you more interesting in his / her eyes.

3 # Be interested!

If you want to stay interesting for someone, then you too show your interest in him / her.

By asking personal questions, you can make your partner feel that you care about him / her. The other will be happy about it.

This also keeps you interesting for him / her.

4 # Seek conversations at eye level!

Do you know that your crush is an absolute ice hockey fan or that your dream woman likes to climb?

Then deal with these hobbies so that you can talk to your dream partner about them.

If you know more about the topic than your dream partner expected, he / she will find you interesting.

Of course you shouldn't pretend to be interesting! ?

But gathering some information on certain topics does not change your nature or your character.

Summary of the 4 tips:

How do I make myself interesting? - # 4 mistakes you should avoid

You have now learned how to make yourself interesting to someone.

Here are a few mistakes that you should absolutely avoid if you don't want to achieve the opposite:

  • lie at your crush's feet and become completely addicted;
  • contact your crush all the time;
  • pretend and play a role;
  • Build up a construct of lies that is impossible to sustain in the long run.
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